Daredevil Trailer Breakdown – “Fear” and “Origin”

Marvel Netflix Daredevil Matt Murdock HeaderWith Daredevil premiering THIS FRIDAY (April 10), Preeti and I are about as excited as our minds can handle without suffering some kind of psychotic break. So of course Marvel/Netflix had to go and release TWO new Daredevil trailers to push us both over the edge.

Read along as we watch the new trailers and descend into fanatic madness!


Preeti Chhibber: Ok pressing playyyyy now. I can’t tell if Charlie Cox is doing like a Batman style “make your voice an “octave lower” thing,but it’s kind of cracking me up.

Scott Carelli: I’m not sure either. It’s kind of working for me, though.

Preeti Chhibber: Oof and then I stop laughing as soon as freakin’ Vincent D’Onofrio starts omggggg SCARY.

Scott Carelli: I loved hearing Ben Urich at the beginning of this. I think that’s our first solid look at him. We had glimpses before but oh man, this guy is so perfect for Urich.

Preeti Chhibber: omg yes! Agreed so hard.

Scott Carelli: Also I love the gag that everyone is afraid to say Wilson Fisks name. Except Matt. Because you know, Man without Fear and all that.

Preeti Chhibber: Haha, also Matt:HarryPotter::Fisk:Voldemort?

Preeti Chhibber: (sorry)

Preeti Chhibber: (my other fandom is sneaking into this)

Preeti Chhibber: Oof but I love our first look of a talking Kingpin. D’Onofrio is going to knock this out of the park.

Scott Carelli: Oh he’s so perfect. I love that little bit with him and Vanessa looking out the window. I love Kingpin/Vanessa in general so I’m excited to see that.

Scott Carelli: We’re still not getting a clear idea of how Matt’s powers work

Preeti Chhibber: Yeah, I’m really curious as to how they’re going to illustrate that

Scott Carelli: Also, three trailers in and the black costume isn’t bugging me that much?

Scott Carelli: I think it’s kind of grown on me?

Preeti Chhibber: Ehhh, I kind of hope it’s not the black costume the WHOLE time, but I agree w/ what you said earlier about how they’ll prob debut the new costume in season 2 or at the end of season 1.

Preeti Chhibber: OMG, what if they’re like SURPRISE WE’RE PUTTING HIM IN THE YELLOW COSTUME.

Scott Carelli: Haha! I would actually love that. I’m a big fan of the yellow costume.

Preeti Chhibber: “Daredevil, we can see you in the shadows. your costume is bright yellow.”

Preeti Chhibber: “Ah yes. Yes, yellow, totally what I was going for. I know exactly what yellow looks like.”

Scott Carelli: Hahahaha! Oh, poor Daredevil…

Preeti Chhibber: Hahahahaha!

Scott Carelli: On to the next trailer!


Preeti Chhibber: Pressing playyyy Now!

Scott Carelli: Oh man, I’m going to love Stick. I have a feeling.

Preeti Chhibber: Oof yeah

Scott Carelli: I’m going to be really curious how they deal with all of this origin stuff
I’m assuming flashbacks

Preeti Chhibber: Yeah, agreed

Preeti Chhibber: Oh man, the fight scenes are going to be REAL good


Preeti Chhibber: I LOVE THEM

Preeti Chhibber: Hahaha Charlie sounds SO british w/ that “Violent”

Scott Carelli: Yeah he’s struggling a bit with the american accent I think haha

Preeti Chhibber: I’m glad we got that moment in the jail, bc I was a little worried we wouldn’t get our lighthearted Matt/Foggy moments.

Scott Carelli: Yeah, in typical Marvel Studio fashion, I think they’re keeping most of the fun stuff on the DL so that there are plenty of surprises when we actually get to watch it.

Preeti Chhibber: Ugh, I want my cute bro moments tho! God Marvel JUST GIVE IT TO ME!


Preeti Chhibber: Man, this is going to be so, so violent isn’t it? So much blood
in every trailer

Scott Carelli: It’s rated TV-MA so I’m thinking so, yeah.

Preeti Chhibber: That’s good, it’s darker than what we’ve seen from Marvel so far
it’ll be a good intro into how they’re going to handle Jessica Jones, i think/hope.

Scott Carelli: Agreed. Daredevil can pull off a few different tones, but Jessica Jones can’t really be anything but dark.

Scott Carelli: Also, speaking of the yellow costume earlier, there’s Jack Murdock’s Battlin’ Jack boxer robe!

Preeti Chhibber: YEAH!


Preeti Chhibber: OMG I HOPE SO hahahaha

Preeti Chhibber: Man I’m so excited to see all the fight choreography. I love a good fight scene and I think we’re gonna get a TON

Scott Carelli: Me too, and we haven’t really seen fights like this from Marvel Studios yet. The closest would be Black Widow, I guess?

Preeti Chhibber: And even that is so slick. I mean it’s awesome, but it’s rarely as down and dirty as Daredevil tends to get.

Scott Carelli: Right! Exactly! This is definitely the first time we’ve seen these kinds of fights from Marvel Studios.

Scott Carelli: I’m also really interested to see how the engine of the show works
like, episodically?

Preeti Chhibber: Oh yeah, bc they know we’ll be binging.

Scott Carelli: Right, but even Orange is the New Black has episodic structure, you know? With each episode focused on a particular inmate. So I’m curious what they’re going to do for that. Will they have any sort of episodic structure or just pure serial?

Preeti Chhibber: Yeah, I’m not sure how they’re going to handle the story telling – I can’t imagine it’s going to be Flash (/Smallville) style w/ one villain per episode. My guess would be serial, w/ B-level plots happening episode to episode.

Preeti Chhibber: But we’ll see! IN FIVE DAYS!



So there you have it, Daredevil fans! What did you think? Let us know in the comments!


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