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Daisy Jones Art and Prints for Your Music-Loving Heart

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Kelly Jensen


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I have to admit that, despite not being much of a TV watcher, I keep thinking about how much I’d like to sit down and marathon Daisy Jones and the Six. I…have not read the book, despite owning it thanks to a library mishap including an exploded case of seltzer. But it captures so many of my interests: a fake band? Fake drama? But also an homage to the real drama of bands in the ’70s, a la Fleetwood Mac! Its got catnip all over it for me. Even though it’s on my endless to-be-read and maybe closer to the top of my to-be-watched, I have been loving all of the Daisy Jones art and prints that I have seen across Etsy.

There’s something about fandoms and the creations that come from them that I love. I might not be into something or even know anything about it, but the creativity and passion from those who love something is hard to not just love. Given the elements of the blockbuster book by Taylor Jenkins Reid and its popular adaptation, it is no surprise that the range of Daisy Jones art and prints is so clever and fun.

This summer is going to be one of leaning all the way into the ’70s, between Daisy Jones, Vinyl, and Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret and contemporary fashion…why not lean all the way in?

The Best Daisy Jones and the Six Art, Prints, and More

Image of a print that is a mockup Rolling Stone cover featuring Daisy Jones

Obviously, there’s the Rolling Stone cover for Daisy Jones that would look stellar beside your record collection. Starting at $22, you have a range of sizes to choose from.

Image of a vintage style poster with the quote "I am not a muse. I am the somebody."

This print, which you can download and make whatever size you’d like, is such a great quote, whether or not you are familiar with the book or show. The colors and style nail the era. $7.

Image of several bookmarks in the style of concert tickets.

There are so many great Daisy Jones bookmarks, including these, which look just like old school concert tickets. $3.50 and up.

Image of a Daisy Jones and the Six sticker in groovy 70s colors.

Pop this Daisy Jones and the Six sticker on your water bottle and connect with other fans of the book….or introduce new fans to it. $4.

Image of a vinyl sticker with yellow and orange text reading "daisy jones and the six."

Here’s another Daisy Jones sticker option which also leans all the way into ’70s rock band style. $2 and up, depending on size.

Image of a fake tour poster for Daisy Jones and the Six,

This Daisy Jones and the Six tour poster is so perfect, down to the look of it having hung outside a theater for weeks. $13 and up, depending on the size.

Image of a daisy jones and the six poster that is illustrated in reds, yellows, and oranges.

This tour poster is also excellent. Same seller as above, so you can choose from a number of sizes, starting at $13.

Image of a canvas tote featuring Daisy Jones and the Aurora Tour

This might be a roundup of Daisy Jones and the Six art and prints but…that has to include a tote one would procure at the merch stand when going to a show. $20, it’s perfect.

Image of a vintage-style print that says "you found me lost in a daydream."

One of the things I love about this print — as well as several to follow — are that the art and quotes are so good that even if you have not read the book or watched the adaptation, it doesn’t matter. It’s great art with a specific vibe. $40 and up, depending on size and frame.

Image of a print with a daisy jones quote.

Hang this Daisy Jones print with the quote “How did we get here? How do we get out?” above your record player. $15 and up, depending on size.

Retro vibe print that says we could make a good thing bad.

Last minimalist retro quote print but…how great is this one? Again, no need to even know the book or film for this to look excellent in your space, especially if you’ve got a boho chic/’70s theme going. $15 and up.

Image of a neon orange and pink tour poster print.

Could there be a more perfect Daisy Jones and the Six tour poster? Okay, the other ones in this roundup might be stiff competition, but the neon here really does it for me. $10 and up.

image of a tour poster for daisy jones.

Another Daisy Jones tour poster option. The vibes are immaculate. $14.

minimalist daisy jones and the six tour pposter.

Want a minimalist Daisy Jones print? Look no further. Choose from several sizes, starting at $21.

retro record player sticker

Another awesome sticker option for your notebook or water bottle. $4.

Image of an iron-on patch reading "daisy jones and the six."

You’ll obviously need an iron-on Daisy Jones and the Six patch. Pop it on your tour tote bag or on your fringed denim jacket. $6.

Image of a painted copy of daisy jones and the six book.

Last and absolutely not least, if we’re going to talk about Daisy Jones art, then of course, we need to swoon over this book with sprayed edges. It’s the UK edition, too, leaning way into bright colors. $73.

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