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Daisy Jones and the Six Merch for Superfans

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Tirzah Price

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Daisy Jones and the Six first burst onto the scene in 2019, and it dominated the conversation everywhere, becoming one of the year’s biggest books, a Reese Book Club pick, and selling over a million copies since release. Written by Taylor Jenkins Reid, the novel is told in the style of an oral history about one of the biggest rock music collaborations of the 1970s — the fictional Daisy Jones and the band The Six. The novel’s unique structure is so compelling that it’s easy to believe this band might have actually dominated the charts and the gossip pages…and when the TV adaptation released on Amazon Prime earlier this year, their legendary story and music was brought to life in a new and exciting format, with Elvis Presley’s granddaughter starring as Daisy Jones, no less!

I really loved the book, which is laid out in such an intriguing way and has a stellar audio cast that absolutely makes it worth listening to, and I was totally engrossed by the TV show. It’s no small feat to balance the amount of showing vs. telling that happens in the book on the screen, and the TV show did a great job of telling the dual timeline stories and adding some great character depth. And of course, the music —the music! That’s what makes the story so memorable, and while Daisy Jones and the Six are no Fleetwood Mac, the actors and musicians really sell it. So much so that if I close my eyes, I can very nearly trick myself into believing they really existed. And clearly I am not the only one who feels that way, because there is no lack of amazing Daisy Jones and the Six merch out there for you to buy! Pair any of these items with the soundtrack from the show and you might be able to convince people they really were the hottest band of the 1970s!

Honeycomb Candle ($23): Named after the famously romantic song and first Daisy Jones and the Six collab, this candle smells like honey, oats, and musk.

a candle in an amber jar with a label that reads "Honeycomb"

Aurora Vinyl Sticker ($4): Inspired by the iconic image of Daisy Jones and the Six’s album art!

a black and white vinyl sticker depicting Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne

Aurora Tour Concert T-Shirt ($14): It looks so authentic it’s almost impossible to believe that you weren’t at one of their shows in 1978.

a cream t-shirt with a brown outline of the band members and a list of their world tour dates

The Ladies T-Shirt ($24): Daisy Jones is not the only iconic lady of the story — we love Camila, Karen, and Simone, too!

a white t-shirt with Daisy, Camila, Karen, Simone written in groovy 1970's script

Aurora Ticket Sticker ($4): Wish you had tickets to the Aurora tour? Don’t we all…

A vinyl sticker in the shape of an old style ticket for the Aurora tour

Aurora Concert Ticket Bookmarks ($4): Or get a faux ticket and use it as a bookmark!

Daisy Jones & the Six Concert Ticket bookmarks in green, orange, gold, and teal

Daisy Jones and the Six Sticker ($3): I love the ’70s aesthetic and this logo is fierce.

an orange and yellow sticker that reads Daisy Jones and the Six in a retro font

I Am Not a Muse Sticker ($5): The most iconic line of the entire book and the emotional turning point for Daisy feels like it should be a rallying call for us all.

a sticker that reads "I am not a muse. I am the somebody. End of fucking story."

Assorted Daisy Jones and the Six Stickers ($3): Grab a bunch of assorted groovy stickers with quotes from the book!

a mix of vinyl stickers in yellow and brown color tones with various quotes from the book

Daisy Jones and the Six Mug ($19): Start your day with coffee and Daisy Jones!

a black mug with white and yellow daisies that reads "Daisy Jones and the Six"

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