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Save Your Page With These Crystal Bookmarks

Looking for the perfect hefty bookmark? Or maybe a bookmark that’s of average weight and size but is stunning to look at? You’re in for a treat with these amazing crystal bookmarks.

As mentioned in a previous look at some drool-worthy crystal bookends, crystals and gems are having a big moment in the west and have been for a few years. It’s hard to resist looking at something so gorgeous that is so natural, too: it’s a reminder that there is beauty all around us.

Whether you’re in the market for a new bookmark, are making your next wish list, or are on the hunt for the perfect gift to give a book lover, you’ll find something unique and worthwhile here.

Crystal Bookmarks That Will Rock Your Books

Pick from among a number of different crystal options with these wire-wrapped crystal bookmarks, including quartz, onyx, tiger eye, and more. $14.

What are you #CurrentlyReading and how could it look even more appealing? With this watercolor agate bookmark. $4.25 and up.

Bling bling! Your pages will sparkle with this rose quartz bookmark. $18.

How flashy is this fluorite bookmark? $9.

Snag a pack of ten gemstone bookmarks of varying colors. $5.30.

Clear quartz is always pretty, but this wavy metal bookmark makes it even prettier. Grab this crystal bookmark for $13.

A blue agate bookmark would make a fine page pal. $10.

Pink and gold go so well together, and that’s especially true for this pink-swirled crystal and gold paperclip bookmark. $7 and up.

The ink bookmark is so lush, and paired with the apatite and garnet gemstones, this is definitely one-of-a-kind. $20.

Pair a crystal with a charm in this pretty bookmark. $8.

For fantasy fans, there’s nothing better than a dragon, right? Maybe there is if you pair a dragon with some crystals. This fantastical bookmark is $3.75.

Book lovers, this bookaholic watercolor bookmark was made especially for you. $4.25 and up.

If you’re looking for a unique way to save your page, these amethyst bookmarks are a sure best. $11.

This holographic crystal clip would be great in a book or as a marker for your favorite planner. $4.50.

A dose of inspiration to accompany a lovely crystal. $5 and up.

Chakra, rainbow, and chakra and rainbow enthusiasts will love these multi-packs of crystal bookmarks. $7 for eight or $10 for 12.

Pop a jar of adventurine in your next book. $10.

The perfect gift for a crystal lover might be this personalized gemstone bookmark. $5.25.

Dreamy is the perfect word for this watercolor amethyst bookmark. There’s also a lovely emerald version. $8.

What a lovely crystal witch. $3.

A cluster of crystals, but make it goth. $3.

And speaking of goth, a black tourmaline bookmark would be a rocking addition to your collection. $9.

A watercolor crystal wolf bookmark would make for the perfect patronus for your current read.

No roundup of gemstone bookmarks would be complete without the opportunity to make a rock on joke. $1.30 and up.

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