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30 Sweet And Sassy Cross Stitch Patterns For Book Lovers

When it came to collecting some of the best cross stitch patterns for book lovers, the problem wasn’t finding them. The problem was winnowing down this list to a somewhat manageable number. There are so many great ones! (And you can find even more great bookish cross stitch patterns here, here, and here.) I’ve included some great patterns and bookmarks for general readers, and then keep on scrolling to find Harry Potter cross stitch patterns, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Alice in Wonderland, too.

Bookish cross stitch patterns for every reader

Let’s just get straight to the point (from Not So Modern Millie).

Jane Austen Mr Darcy cross stitch pattern

A cute bookworm to hang out on your shelves, from ringcat.

Bookworm cross stitch pattern


A sweet bookish cross stitch pattern from Peter Pan (by Blue Gecko Crafts).

Peter Pan Cross Stitch design


Nolite te bastardes carborundorum” quote for your cross stitch, from Lupine Lane Design.

Handmaid's Tale cross stitch pattern


Embrace the glorious mess that you are” cross stitch pattern, from Siuzi Designs.

Elizabeth Gilbert cross stitch pattern


Yesssss. Get some hitchhiking sass with your stitchin’. (From Harp Seal Cross Stitch.)

HItchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy cross stitch pattern


Hang it with pride. Quote from Pride and Prejudice, design from Plastic Little Covers (this shop has so many great patterns).

Pride and Prejudice cross stitch

Cross stitch bookmark patterns

“Prose Before Bros” bookmark *praise hands* (from Plastic Little Covers)

Funny cross stitch bookmark pattern



“Tea solves all” cross stitch bookmark pattern. Truer words have never been stitched.

Tea and books cross stitch pattern


Ron Swanson telling it like it is, from Sturdy Nerdy Stitchery. (I love the bacon and eggs details.)

Ron Swanson cross stitch bookmark pattern


Sassy and simple cross stitch bookmarks from Lara Makes.

Simple cross stitch bookmark pattern


Cats + books = <3 (from Stone Dragon Workshop).

cats and books bookmark


Too cute (from Stitch Bucket).

Gamer cross stitch bookmark pattern

Sherlock Holmes cross stitch bookmark, from eCrossStitchPatterns.

Sherlock Holmes cross stitch bookmark


Ahhhh lookit this super cute and simple pineapple bookmark! (From Lucky Star Stitches.)

Pineapple cross stitch bookmark



Harry Potter cross stitch patterns

Show your House pride with this simple cross stitch bookmark design by Avrora CS.


AvroraCS had two more Harry Potter cross stitch patterns that I just couldn’t leave out, like this modern Harry Potter character pattern

Harry Potter characters cross stitch pattern


…and this pillow crochet pattern to show off your House.

Harry Potter cross stitch pillow pattern



This Harry Potter cross stitch bookmark pattern is sweet, simple, and deserves to be in your pages.

Harry Potter cross stitch bookmark pattern


In case you need the reminder (from Lupine Lane Design).

Hermione cross stitch pattern


Star Wars cross stitch patterns

A quick and fun stitch for all the fans, from emmaosaurus.

Star Wars cross stitch



Choose your color with this Star Wars cross stitch bookmark from The Geeks Grotto.

Star Wars bookmark cross stitch

R2-D2 and C-3PO team up in this great simple Star Wars pattern from Povitrulya.

Star Wars cross stitch pattern


Another great Star Wars bookmark pattern!

Star Wars Republic bookmark pattern


Game of Thrones cross stitch patterns

A “Mother of Dragons” bookmark cross stitch pattern that does double-duty at keeping annoying people out of your hair (from House Elf Stitchery, check out their shop for more cute bookmarks!).

Game of Thrones bookmark

Perfection, from StephXStitch.

"I Drink And I Know Things" cross stitch pattern

Find all of your favorite Game of Thrones characters in cross stitch at Country Magic Stitch.

Game of Thrones characters cross stitch patterns


Alice in Wonderland cross stitch patterns

The most iconic Cheshire Cat quote, in cross-stitch form, from MariAnnie Art)

Alice in Wonderland cross stitch bookmark


Another great Cheshire Cat cross stitch pattern, from Rocking Horse CS.

Cheshire cat cross stitch pattern


And, since I couldn’t stop myself, this modern Cheshire Cat cross stitch pattern is too fun not to include (from Rainbow Stitch Cross).

Cheshire Cat cross stitch pattern

Have cross stitch patterns for book lovers that you absolutely recommend? Hit the comments to share your favorites! Just getting into stitchin’? Check out our list of the best cross-stitch books to help you get started.

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