Critical Linking

What Hollywood Gets Wrong About Librarians: Critical Linking, May 28, 2020

“This is something that I’ve been thinking about since childhood. My mother is a (retired) K-12 school librarian, and when I was quite young, she went back to school as a working mother to earn her master’s degree in library science. I have vivid memories of her graduation ceremony, and how she then transformed our school library; therefore, I intrinsically understood the value of that library science degree. One of my favorite films growing up was the 1946 classic, It’s a Wonderful Life—but I would look at how (spoiler!) Donna Reed’s character, Mary, became a spinster librarian in that film, and then I would look at my mother and know that something didn’t add up. I knew that Hollywood was getting it wrong. But not everyone is so lucky to have a librarian role model that up close and personal in their lives!”

Wait… you mean Hollywood doesn’t always get it right?

“We believe that beauty for women is a source of power and privilege. A kind of currency. But is it truly attainable? What is the flip side of beauty—when does beauty cause suffering? What happens when someone who identifies as beautiful gets stripped of it, whether by age or accident? And in the end, who decides what—and more to the point—who is beautiful?”

That is a LIST.

“The majority of the world is currently doing the bit and staying at home. In case you are staring at the wall trying to figure out what to do next with any free time you may have, this post is for you as we’ve rounded up some bookish and nerdy things to do at home!”

Real talk: the first few things on this list are a little bit duh, but there’s some good stuff further down.