Critical Linking

Critical Linking: February 4, 2012

“Sure, book publishers don’t want to lose market share to independents. But book consumers want to select from the broadest possible selection possible, with easy to find links to both the best and most popular selections in desired categories, whether they come from New York or an indie publisher with just a PC and an ISBN. Ultimately, retailers like Barnes & Noble have to decide: Do you work for your customers, or your suppliers?”

*Nodding vigorously”


“It’s not everyone who gets to be Cormac McCarthy. That is a privilege I shall miss. If I were to begin it again I would avoid family scene retorts. With hindsight I see that as the intrusion. I am sorry for that. There is a line that should not be tramped.”

Well, you still weren’t actually Cormac McCarthy.


“The EULA still includes language that indicates users are free to distribute .iBooks formatted documents free of charge by any means they choose, they just can’t charge for them anywhere else.”

Apple’s license agreement for iBooks Author was ridiculous. Good on them for fixing it.