Critical Linking

Critical Linking: February 28, 2012


Overall, Roald Dahl remains the top author although his position has weakened somewhat since last year.

In all fairness, the guy has been dead twelve years. But the kids, they still love him.


In contrast with his father, who was said to focus on literature and lepidoptery to the exclusion of all else, Dmitri Nabokov was a bon vivant, a professional opera singer, a race car driver and a mountain climber.

He didn’t drink beer often, but when he did, he drank Dos Equis.


Check out how much a book’s listings spike after it’s mentioned by NPR or the New York Times.

Is it weird that the biggest spike listed here is for How to Be Black after an NPR mention?


“Then on February 11th Hines noticed that Amazon had dropped the price of the e-book to 99 cents again.”

Takeaway: if you are going to self-publish with any of these places, do not, repeat do not, skip to the end of EULA and hit ACCEPT without doing your homework.