Critical Linking

Critical Linking: February 27, 2012


“I’ve been to the National Book Awards a couple of times, and, trust me, it could be a convention of cloggers (the poets) and software designers with bad haircuts (everyone else).”

I’d take this over the carbon-based bag of vacuity known as Ryan Seacrest anyday.


The whole literary versus genre argument just won’t go away will it? There are two ways to settle it. Either Ian Rankin and William Boyd go mano-a-mano in no-holds barred cage fight, or we all show a little grace and see if we can meet in the middle somewhere. With that in mind here are five literary novels with crime at their core.

The latter is probably more sensible, but I am always in favor of settling things mano-a-mano.


“But the fact of the matter is I think the thing that still delights us is the possibility of finding something. And if you aren’t a multinational with deep pockets that can just go shopping, basically, then you have to allow for serendipity. You have to allow for a little bit of a search. You have to find things where other people might not be looking.”

After reading this, I’m damn sure going to be checking out House of Anansi’s catalog.


“If B&N collapses: the death of books. Cultural apocalypse. Neo-feudalism.”

I’m pleased to see that the predictions about publishing’s feature continue to be measured, reasonable, and full of evidence.