Critical Linking

It’s Hard out Here for a Poorly Rounded Wizard: Critical Linking, February 23, 2020

Critical Linking is a daily roundup of the most interesting bookish links from around the web sponsored by Saint X by Alexis Schaitkin, published by Celadon Books.

“Thanks to the Hogwarts curriculum, I can withstand mind control and even limited torture, but I cannot write a compelling cover letter without humiliating grammatical error’s. Why is literature not a course at your skool? I can enchant my quill to write my thoughts, but I never learned how to make my thoughts enchanting. I heard that Durmstrang students have a skool newspaper. You know what Hogwarts has? A three-headed dog lurking in the castle, with permission to kill whoever it finds. Indeedly, my life was constantly endangered while at Hogwarts, which was an academic distracshun.”

You break your back to crush those O.W.L.S. and this is the thanks you get!

“There’s much more to black history than pain and hard times, and romance authors, more than anyone else, know it. A writer friend told me that’s what he thinks some people outside of the culture don’t get about blackness: the sheer joy of it, especially given so many are only fixated on the struggle. Black romance thrives on complexity and nuance, on black solidarity and achievement, on the triumph of everyday life lived well, in spite of the odds. After all, something special happens when you marry African American history and the romance genre.”

Black romance writers done been killing the game. Give these writers their shine.

“The concept of Bedside Reading is this: Ubell-Meyer works with publishers and authors who want to get their books in the hands of travelers staying at luxury hotels. Bedside Reading then provides these books to its roster of high-end properties. Hotels leave a few book options in each room, where guests can read them at their leisure and even take them home at the end of their stay.”

One of my BFFs stays at a hotel that offers this when traveling for work. It’s a sweet little perk!