Critical Linking

CRITICAL LINKING: February 11th, 2012

“John Kennedy Toole: the omega point is now available for viewing.  This is the first version of the film.  We are working on a subsequent version that will feature new material, including an interview with Bobby Byrne, Carmine Palumbo and recently discovered archival photographs.”

I love the internet.


“A cesspoolful of rotting monsters behind his slow boyish smile…aging ape eyes…Humbert’s face might twitch with neuralgia.”

But sometimes the internet really freaks me out.


“But these scrappy journals are actually enjoying something of a renaissance in print, buoyed by on-demand publishers like Lulu and CreateSpace — which make them cheaper than ever to produce — and print fetishists who treat them like sacred art objects.”

But not everything cool is on the internet.


“The deal came about when the award-winning comedian and songwriter tweeted that he had time to kill in London and Gollancz Deputy Publishing Director Simon Spanton, who follows Benn on the micro-blogging site, suggested he should use that time to come by the Gollancz offices to discuss the SF novel ‘that you’re going to write for Gollancz’.”

But everyone once in a while, the internet is kinda magical.