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10 Luxuriously Cozy Reading Chairs For Your Home

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Gia R.

Staff Writer

Gia R. is from Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated with two business degrees. While studying, her short nonfiction story was published in 2018 in Write On, Downtown, an ASU journal. Since then, she taught preschool students abroad. Now back in AZ, you’ll find her writing, reading, and adoring digital art.

Today we are getting cozy. How cozy? Very cozy and comfy! Picture yourself with a good book on a rainy night. Maybe you’re reading a dystopian thriller. Possibly a murder mystery? You’ve got a cute blanket on your lap and fuzzy socks on. No overhead lighting, just the warm glow from a nearby lamp. You may have a few pillows close to you with a delicious drink or snack. You may have the book, the lighting, the blankets, and the beverage, but what brings it all together? Cozy reading chairs!

When selecting the appropriate reading chair, there are many factors to consider. There is the fabric, size, and color. Don’t forget about the style and sturdiness of the chair! There’s also the space where you will put it! Do you need a reading chair to add to your living room or a reading room? Do you have a reading corner or a little reading nook? Well, I have a few options to fit many of these spaces and (hopefully) your taste. For these reading chairs, I focused on how plush, soft, and cozy they are. Now let’s get reading in some comfy reading chairs!

Cozy Reading Chairs for Your Reading Room

white faux fur lounge swivel chair with matching ottoman

We’re starting strong with this faux fur lounge chair with the matching ottoman. It’s soft and nicely padded. Lean back and put your feet up. $273

Green velvet swivel chair with matching ottoman

This one looks similar to the first, but I had to include it because it’s green and velvet! This velvet lounge chair with footrest also comes in 10+ different colors. $226

Soft pink armchair with pocket and footrest

This soft pink armchair has pockets and an adjustable back! It also has a footrest. This one is $180.

Soft reddish brown bean bag chair

Every list of cozy chairs must include a bean bag! This soft reddish brown bean bag can be perfect for a reading nook or go nice in your living room. $140

white oversized round swivel arm chair

Need something roomy enough to tuck your legs? Here’s this cozy and modern oversized round arm chair. $490

adjustable padded floor chair

Don’t have much space? Want to convert any corner into a reading nook? This padded and adjustable floor chair may be exactly what you need! $135

gray cushioned rocking chair

Get extra cozy with this gray cushioned rocking chair. $300

blue velvet padded rocking chair

Enjoy this blue velvet rocking chair! It’s not as cozy, but it has a padded seat and high backrest. Plus, it’s pretty and has many colors! $160

soft and large brown bean bag

You’ll need a bit more space for this one. Instead of a reading corner, a reading room may be more appropriate. Get bookish by yourself or enjoy some company on this soft and large bean bag! Different color and size options available. $175+

handmade fluffy rattan sofa

If you’re looking for something more unique, add this handmade fluffy rattan sofa to your reading adventures! Perfect for lounging and reading! Lots of colors and sizes available. $261+

Whether you like a big fuzzy bean bag or a soft lounge chair with a footrest, I hope you found something to make your reading experience cozier and comfier!
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