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Cover Reveal: Here’s the Exciting Cover of THE CABINET by Un-su Kim

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Liberty Hardy

Senior Contributing Editor

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Eeeeeeeee — cover reveal! Korean author Un-su Kim first caught my attention in 2019 with his novel The Plotters, which is a darkly comedic novel about a young man who is raised to be an assassin. This excellent crime novel made a lot of lists that year, including “Editor’s Choice” from the New York Times Book Review and “9 New Books We Recommend This Week” at the New York Times. And I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It’s that smart mix of violent, touching, and funny, like Nick Harkaway or a Coen Brothers’ film.

Which is why I am so excited to be revealing the cover of Un-su Kim’s forthcoming novel, The Cabinet, which is out October 12, 2021*, and translated by Sean Lin Halbert. Scroll down to see the amazing cover designed by Glen Wilkins, read the synopsis of the novel, and learn more about the author!

“A mind-bending work of literary fiction from one of South Korea’s hottest new novelists.

“Cabinet 13 looks like an old, ordinary cabinet. But it is filled with stories — peculiar, strange, eye popping, disgusting, enraging, and touching stories. The life of the man who manages cabinet 13, an ordinary office manager, is similarly filled with stories. Un-su Kim intricately interweaves the all these stories with precise prose and in rich style, and will leave you thinking about the stories inside your own cabinet long after you turn the final page.”

Un-su Kim made his debut as a writer in 2002 through the Jinju News Fall Literary Contest with short stories, Easy Breezy Writing Class and Dan Valjean Street and the 2003 DongA Ilbo Spring Literary Contest with his mid-length novel Farewell, Friday. His first full-length novel The Cabinet received the 12th Munhakdongne Novel Award.

Editor’s Note: The release date for The Cabinet was originally listed incorrectly as October 5, 2021.