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The Best Courtney Milan Books: Your Guide

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Annika Barranti Klein

Staff Writer

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Looking for where to start with the best Courtney Milan books? I was recently looking for the very same thing, and had trouble finding a guide. There are so many books, from various series, and it can be hard to figure out what to read. Here I have assembled a list of every Courtney Milan book, both series and standalones. I hope this helps you to choose your next read! These Courtney Milan books have certainly filled up my Kindle.

The Brothers Sinister Series

This romance series is set in the early–mid Victorian period in England and features a group of friends who are lefthanded. Southpaws. Sinister.

The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan coverBook 0.5: The Governess Affair

(This prequel novella technically predates the Victorian era. By two years.) She’s a former governess trying to get money from the duke who fired her. He’s the duke’s righthand man (ironically) who is ordered to get rid of her.

Book 1: The Duchess War

She’s running from a scandalous past. He’s a duke who sympathizes with the working class. They decide to get married. What could go wrong?

Book 1.5: A Kiss for Midwinter

She has a secret: she had a baby out of wedlock. He’s the doctor who delivered the baby.

Book 2: The Heiress Effect

She’s an heiress who is desperate to remain unmarried for her sister’s sake. He’s the illegitimate son of a duke who accidentally falls in love with her.

The Countess Conspiracy by Courtney Milan coverBook 3: The Countess Conspiracy

He’s a rake, but a scientific genius of a rake. She’s the respectable widow whose scientific ideas he’s so popular for. Uh-oh.

Book 4: The Suffragette Scandal

She’s a suffragette who runs a newspaper her enemies are bent on destroying. He’s a forger bent on revenge who is hired to take her down. This should be fine.

Book 4.5: Talk Sweetly to Me

She’s a mathematical genius who keeps to herself. He’s a rake (aren’t they all?) with an infamous advice column who moves in next door and takes an interest in her.

The Turner Series

The Turner family has fallen on hard times. This series is set in the early Victorian period in England.

Unveiled by Courtney MilanBook 1: Unveiled

He “stole” a dukedom and was recognized as the rightful heir. But that means displacing her, and she’ll do whatever she has to in order to stop him.

Book 1.5: Unlocked

She’s a wallflower headed for spinsterhood. He’s her former tormenter, hoping to make up for it.

Book 2: Unclaimed

He’s an upright moralist. She’s a secret courtesan, hired to destroy him. This should be fine.

Book 3: Unraveled

He’s a magistrate devoted to his duty and running from his past. She’s a courtroom witness he threatens with imprisonment. Everything is fine.

The Cyclone Series

This contemporary series that revolves around tech company Cyclone Technologies was my introduction to Courtney Milan books.

Trade Me by Courtney Milan coverBook 1: Trade Me

She’s a poor student. He’s a rich classmate. They trade worlds.

Book 2: Hold Me

He’s driven. She’s cautious. They hate each other, but neither of them knows he’s the commenter she’s been interacting with on her blog for 18 months.

Book 2.5: The Year of the Crocodile

This novelette features Tina and Blake from Trade Me when their parents meet at Lunar New Year.

Upcoming Books in the Cyclone Series

Book 3: Find Me

The sister Blake didn’t know he had shows up and tells him their mom needs a liver transplant…and he’s a match.

Book 3.5: What Lies Between Me and You

This one is about Blake’s dad, he’s in prison, and that’s all I know so far.

Book 4: Keep Me

The only information available so far is that this book will feature Ellie from Find Me and Kenji from Hold Me.

Book 5: Show Me

And this one will be about Angela Choi from Hold Me.

The Carhart Series

This series about the Carhart family is set in Regency era England.

Book 0.5: This Wicked Gift

In order to save her brother, she has to accept the help of a man who could ruin her.

Proof By Seduction by Courtney MilanBook 1: Proof by Seduction

She’s a successful fortuneteller. He’s a marquess out to prove she’s a fraud.

Book 2: Trial by Desire

Her favorite thing about her husband is he left three years ago. Uh-oh, he’s back.

Other Carhart Stories

Dark Horizon” (Book 0.25) is a short story that expands the story Lord Blakely tells in Proof By Seduction; “In Which Madam Esmerelda Makes A Prediction” (Book 0.3) is a flash story originally released as a tie-in for the release of Proof By Seduction and the release of the NOOK.

The Worth Saga

This Victoria era series follows the Worth family after a fall from grace, as well as several connected people who are not family members.

Once Upon A Marquess by Courtney MilanBook 1: Once Upon A Marquess

She needs help with a business matter. He ruined her father but never forgave himself. Obviously she has to ask him for help.

Book 1.5: Her Every Wish

She needs money. He’s going to help her win a grant. The problem? She cut him out of her life years ago.

Book 2: After the Wedding

They got married under duress, and are working together to have it annulled. Too bad they super want to bone.

The Pursuit Of by Courtney MilanBook 2.5: The Pursuit of…

A white British officer and a Black American soldier fall in love.

Originally part of the Hamilton’s Battalion anthology.

Book 2.75: Mrs Martin’s Incomparable Adventure

When Violetta gets fired from the boarding house she’s run for 40 years just before she earns a pension, she decides to go to the wealthy aunt of a boarder whose rent is past due and trick her into giving her money. Too bad Mrs. Martin has other ideas. Also, they’re lesbians, Harold.

Future Books in The Worth Saga

Book 3: The Devil Comes Courting

He’s determined to complete the world’s first telegraph network. She’s the reclusive genius who can make it happen.

Book 4: The Return of the Scoundrel

No details available yet!

Book 5: The Kissing Hour

No details available yet!

Book 6: The Tale of Two Viscounts

No details available yet!

Book 7: The Once and Future Earl

No details available yet!

Standalone Courtney Milan Books

The Lady Always Wins by Courtney MilanThe Lady Always Wins

They were childhood friends, then sweethearts, but his parents threatened to cut him off and she didn’t want to marry a poor man. Now she’s a widow and his company has been claimed in a hostile takeover—but no one knows yet. Will he convince her to marry him before she finds out?

What Happened At Midnight

His business partner, who is also his fiancée’s father, embezzled from their shared business, and his fiancée left with the money. But when he finds her, she’s penniless and working as a companion. So what really happened? Also in the anthology Midnight Scandals.

A Right Honorable Gentleman

She’s a governess in love with her employer. When his son is grown, she asks for a reference letter and help finding a new position. He doesn’t like that one bit. Also in the anthology Premiere, Premiere.