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10 Cosmic Horror Art Pieces For Your Horrific Aesthetic

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With Lovecraft Country‘s popularity and a new group of people reckoning and coming to terms with HP Lovecraft’s legacy, cosmic horror is high on everyone’s radar. Just in time for Halloween, too, unless you’re like me and just leave spooky horror decorations up year round. Either way, if you’re feeling the existential dread or want to creep your houseguests out (when you can finally have houseguests over again, we are definitely living in a time where the unknown is getting cozy with the known), I’ve got a collection of cosmic horror art, wall decor, and clocks that will suit your needs perfectly.

You can have the Mountains of Madness featured in your home with this 20″ x 14″ screen printed poster.

You can’t have anything eldritch or cosmic horror theme without throwing in a few tentacles with eyes on them for that instantly recognizable aesthetic. You can pick this 14″ x 11″ print here.

If you want to be more subtle with it while still inspiring that existential smallness, this print with a Lovecraft quote referencing sleeping horrors is a good place to start.

Few things can be scarier than coming across an Elder God, especially one whose face you can’t really see the shape of, except for just a few hints from under its cowl. You can pick up this print here.

You can’t have cosmic horror without a gigantic thing with too many eyes and too many teeth making you question everything you thought you knew about anything. You can pick up this 12″ x 16″ drawing here.

This piece you can choose to have it as a standard print or as a clock. And I don’t know why you wouldn’t want it as a clock—you can never have too many, and who doesn’t want the Blind Idiot god Azathoth reminding you of the unceasing progression of time? You can make your choice here.

If your aesthetic lies more in the simplicity of minimalism or the historical look of linoprints, this 7″ x 6″ print is the way to go. You can get this mini elder god here.

You can gaze into the Unknown with this print while it gazes back at you with its many eyes. You can find this perfectly dark and grungey ink print right here.

This one isn’t quite cosmic horror art, but it still carries that memento mori existentialism that the genre often carries. Inspired by Gorey’s artistic style, this print is perfect for making anyone who looks at it feel some serious existential dread.

We get truly cosmic with this linographic print. You can peer beyond the edge of a black hole to see what lies beyond while also reckoning with the fact that you may see your end and never return. We can’t all be Hippolyta.

If this has only whetted your appetite for cosmic horror art and goods, or you’re interested and want to learn more about the genre, check out our introduction to this type of horror here.