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Cool Book Accessories to Gift to Loved Ones — Including Yourself

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Tracy Shapley Towley

Staff Writer

Tracy is a freelance copywriter, all-around ne’er do well, very-adult graduate of the University of Iowa, and occasional waterer of plants. Her hobbies include writing fiction, reading fiction, mixing together various flavors of soup, and typing letters to her friends on an old red typewriter that doesn't have a working period so all sentences must end in questions marks or exclamation points? She has read every Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and has a lot of thoughts on them. Her old Iowa farmhouse is shared by her husband Sean, a pair of cats, a pair of dogs, and the ghost of Kurt Vonnegut.

I love books, and I love accessories. Who’s shocked to learn that I also love cool book accessories? Today it is my great honor to bring to you a collection of some of the best accessories I’ve e-stumbled across in recent weeks. As you’re looking through these unique gifts for book lovers, I would encourage you to remember that when you’re buying for loved ones, your list of loved ones hopefully includes you!

Creating this list is a lot of pressure! Long before Book Riot did the great honor of allowing me to write for them (that sounds sarcastic, but it’s not, being a Rioter is fantastic) (that was also not sarcastic), they were my go-to for all things cool book accessories.

I bought The Raven writing gloves from Storiarts in Book Fetish. I’ve found super-specific lists of things like Amazing Swag and Gifts for Real Grammar Nerds. We’ve even rounded up bookish press-on nails to keep your hands cute and glamour-y.

But now I’ve been handed the reins and I’m taking you on the ride of your life! This list of cool book accessories will leave you forever changed. You might even have x-ray vision or the ability to fly after reading it, though you could also lose all sensation on your left elbow, so read at your own risk (there is no risk).

resin book page holders

I love a good page-holder-opener (that’s the scientific term) and I especially love these resin flower book page holders because they look like the wedding rings my husband and I exchanged on our wedding day. As it turned out, flowers preserved in resin are not great ring material for my chef-husband who is constantly plunging his hand into water (the two facts are unrelated, obvs.). But I’ll bet it’s the perfect material for page-holder-openers! $12

Book sleeve decorated with breasts

Do you love boobies? I do! Do you love book sleeves? I’ve never had one! But when you’re listing cool book accessories, I think it might be illegal for your list to not include boobies. So maybe it’s time for me to invest in this truly lovely Boobies Book Sleeve. $10

Device that lights and magnifies books

I’ve got some vision issues and they require that I have plenty of light when I’m reading. Instead of getting a boring old book light (book lights are actually not boring, don’t listen to me except when I’m telling you to buy things) this book light also magnifies by up to 3x. I also love that it has several brightness levels. $24

Paper fan made out of pages from a book

I have zero tolerance for heat so if I’m lounging around the backyard trying to read, a book fan is just what I need to stay comfortable. $11

Wooden glasses holder shaped like a face

I’m near-sighted, which means I can see near but can’t see far, and it also means that I have to take my glasses off to read. Then you’ve got your far-sighted folks, who can see far but not as well near, and they need to put glasses on while they read. All of us bespectacled folks could stand to store our glasses a little more stylishly, which is why I love this hand-carved quirky statute face eyeglasses stand. $23

Fishbowl full of matches with literary covers

When you’re looking for truly unique gifts for book lovers, The Complete Literary Works on matchsticks is one way to go. Tiny? Check. Fart and poop humor? Check. If these aren’t cool bookish accessories then I guess I don’t know what is. $35

Soy candle scented like an old bookshop

Well if you’re going to gift some matches, you’re essentially obligated to gift at least one candle, too. I love this Old Bookshop candle, scented like “dusty tomes and leather bound books” but if that’s not to your taste you can check out 50 bookish candles rounded up by a fellow Rioter. $7+

Blanket with books and bookish sayings

All right, I’ve covered unique gifts for book lovers who can never be cold enough (me) but sometimes y’all want to get cozy, so here’s a blanket for book and coffee lovers. Cozy! $36+

three black mugs with bookish sayings in front of a green plant

Speaking of coffee…for readers who like hot drinks, these bookish coffee mugs are my pick. I don’t even like puns but I would like you to all buy me the “no shelf control” mug immediately, thank you. $8

Reading journal with pencil on a wooden surface

And finally, no list of cool book accessories would be completed without a handy dandy reading journal to keep track of your faves (and non-faves). $9