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7 Sweet Cookbooks All About Baking Cookies

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Lots of people are finding a new interest in baking. Cookie making is a great place to start for any home cook. There are so many awesome cookbooks out there focused on baking sweet treats. However, how many can you think of that are focused solely on cookies? These cookbooks focus on just the cookies, rather than on a wide, sometimes overwhelming, variety of desserts.

Yes, classic chocolate chip cookies are fun to make, but there’s a whole world of cookie options out there. The best place to start that adventure is with these cookie cookbooks that are easy to follow and fun to explore.

Here are 7 sweet cookbooks all about baking cookies.

The Cookie Book: Decadent Bites for Every Occasion by Rebecca Firth

This cookbook has every cookie recipe you would ever want. There are over 75 different and unique recipes with more cookie options than you could ever dream of. The author is known for her incredible cookie creations, so you can’t go wrong with this one.

Colossal Cookies: 100 Outrageously Oversized Treats That Change the Baking Game by Wendy Kou

If you’re in the mood for some silliness, this cookie cookbook is the one for you. There are countless recipes from the basic chocolate chip to the difficult stuffed cookie. The only catch is that each cookie you would make would be the size of your head.

Sally’s Cookie Addiction: Irresistible Cookies, Cookie Bars, Shortbread, and More from the Creator of Sally’s Baking Addiction by Sally McKenney 

Indulgence is the key word when it comes to this cookbook. All the recipes are super sweet and incredibly fun to make. This is decadence to the max and a great cookie cookbook to keep on your bookshelf just in case you ever want to indulge your sweet tooth.

100 Party Cookies: A Step-by-Step Guide to Baking Super-Cute Cookies for Life’s Little Celebrations by Nadia Kalinichenko And Myriam Sánchez 

Cookie options for every holiday, this cookie cookbook won’t let you down. There are recipes for celebrations, winter holidays, kids parties, weddings, and everything else you could ever dream of. There’s pictures for the recipes, along with easy-to-follow instructions. It’s everything you ever need if you want to make cookies part of your special events.

Creative Baking: Macarons by Tan Phay Shing

Some consider macarons confections or cakes, others consider macarons to be cookies. Either way, macarons are delicious and are cookie enough to be considered. Plus, this cookbook shows you how to give traditional macarons a cute and creative new twist. The book even has templates you can print out to help while you bake, as well as clear and precise instructions.

The Joy of Cookies: Cookie Monster’s Guide to Life by Cookie Monster

That’s right! The adorable and very cookie obsessed Cookie Monster wrote his own book all about his favorite thing: cookies. It’s a great story for kids, plus there are a few of Cookie Monster’s favorite cookie recipes to try it. It’s great for families to read together. Anyone who loves Cookie Monster, cookies, and bonding over baking will love this adorable book.

Cookie Love: More Than 60 Recipes and Techniques for Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary by Mindy Segal and Kate Leahy

This cookbook is filled with recipes that are both familiar and that are sure to impress. This cookbook gives a different perspective on cookie-making and guarantees success. Besides recipes, there are tips and tricks about how to compile the best cookie tools. It’s a great cookbook for anyone who is truly serious about baking cookies.


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