Content Studio Writer

Title: Content Studio Writer

Status: Freelance

Location: Remote

Compensation: $60 for landing pages of approx 250 words describing a series, author, artist, playlist; $80 for assignments/posts of 800 words. Pay increases commensurately with assignment length (so a 1600-word assignments pays $160; 2400-word pays $240 etc)

Book Riot’s Content Studio provides content generation for publishers and retailers to use on their own sites, newsletters, etc.

We’re looking for swiss army writers who have the skills to approach content writing with versatility in both writing style and fluency around a wide range of topics under a deadline. Content Studio writers need to have the flexibility, availability, research, and writing skills to meet a brief under a deadline and produce consistent, quality content.

Duties: Content Studio writers will be given a brief to write posts, including essays and listicles as well as shorter and longer posts, for various publishing and media outlets. Writers will need to meet the brief, which may involve writing with a specific tone, including specific titles or examples in the post, meeting a word count, and following other instructions specified by the client, to produce a piece of content that checks all the boxes and meets the deadline.


  • Consistent availability to take on at least 2 assignments in a 2-week period
  • Strong writing skills, including grammar, style, flow, and punctuation
  • Ability to organize and prioritize work to meet hard deadlines
  • Independent research skills and flexibility to tackle unfamiliar topics
  • Attention to detail and ability to follow instructions to meet the brief

The deadline to submit applications is October 15, 2021.

Content Studio Writer Application Form

Content Studio Writer Application

  • Please choose ONE of the sample assignments below. Complete according to the details included.

  • Writing Sample 1 Instructions: Write a sample post of ~500 words on the best fiction podcasts and scripted audio dramas available on Audible. Each podcast featured should include a blurb about the show, the cast (if applicable) and a brief synopsis.

    Choose 3 of the following to feature:

    Include the following SEO keywords best story podcasts, best fiction podcasts fiction story podcasts
  • Writing Sample 2 Instructions: Write a post of ~500 words on novels featuring private investigators.

    The following are required for inclusion:
    Blink of an Eye (ISBN: 9781538762875)
    The Missing American (ISBN: 9781641292122)
    Sleep Well, My Lady (ISBN: 9781641292078)

    Round out your list with 1-2 more titles chosen at your discretion from any publisher.

    Include the following SEO keywords: private investigator, P.I. novels, mystery novels, detective novels, mystery books
  • Enter a link to the document containing your writing sample. Please confirm sharing settings will allow editors to view your document.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.