3 Completed YA Trilogies to Marathon Read

Tirzah Price

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Goldie Vance: The Hotel Whodunit.

Marigold “Goldie” Vance lives and works at the Crossed Palms Resort Hotel in Florida. While life at the Crossed Palms is always busy, the resort is currently overrun with Hollywood-types filming the hottest new creature feature, and tensions are at an all-time high. Even Goldie’s mom is in on the movie act, doing what she does best: playing a mermaid. Just when Goldie thinks the movie biz couldn’t get any more exciting, a diamond-encrusted swimming cap goes missing, and all fingers point to Goldie’s mom as the culprit. Can Goldie uncover the true thief before it’s too late?

There’s nothing better than discovering a series of books you love and being able to race through book after book. I’m terrible about starting series and then having to wait for the the sequels, only to not make the time to continue. Since so many of us are finding ourselves at home with a little extra time on our hands, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to finally finish those trilogies we’ve been meaning to read. And if you haven’t started these books yet—good news! These are completed YA trilogies, so you can marathon read to your heart’s content.

truly devious by maureen johnson book coverTruly Devious trilogy by Maureen Johnson

This Agatha Christie–inspired trilogy wrapped up earlier this year, and I’ve been dying to see how it ends! Stevie is a true crime aficionado who has just been accepted to Ellingham Academy, the site of one of the most famous cold cases in recent history. It’s Stevie’s not-exactly-secret mission to try and launch her own investigation into the 75-year-old case, but strange happenings unsettle Stevie, making her think that this case isn’t so cold after all. Warning: Truly Devious has a cliffhanger ending and you’ll want to have The Vanishing Stair and The Hand on the Wall on hand as soon as you finish!

Arc of the Scythe Trilogy by Neal Shusterman

In a near-ish future, death has been eradicated and every person can reset their age to 25 at any time. In order to control the population, Scythes randomly “glean” people to remind society of what it meant to be mortal. Citra and Rowan are the latest Scythe apprentices, but what they don’t yet realize is that they’re also the newest pawns in a simmering battle in Scythedom about what it means to be a Scythe and who is above death. With a vividly imagined world and plenty of twists, plus sequels Thunderhead and The Toll each weighing in at 500+ pages, this is a trilogy that will keep you plenty busy for a while!

The Bone Witch CoverThe Bone Witch Trilogy by Rin Chupeco

In this darker trilogy, Tea gets the shock of a lifetime when she accidentally raises her brother from the dead. Her family is full of witches, but none are bone witches like Tea and they soon fear her. But when Tea and her brother are offered refuge by an old bone witch who promises to teach Tea how to wield her power, they are whisked to another land where Tea indeed learns the extent of her own powers—and faces great darkness. The first book is followed up by The Heart Forger and The Shadowglass.

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