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A Comics Reading Guide for Book Riot Live

Jenn Northington

Director, Editorial Operations

Jenn Northington has worked in the publishing industry wearing various hats since 2004, including bookseller and events director, and is currently Director of Editorial Operations at Riot New Media Group. You can hear her on the SFF Yeah! podcast nerding out about sci-fi and fantasy. When she’s not working, she’s most likely gardening, running, or (obviously) reading. Find her on Tumblr at jennIRL and Instagram at iamjennIRL.

Did you hear the news?? We’re delighted to announce that comics favorites Lucy Knisley, Greg Pak, Margaret Atwood, and Wendy Xu will all be joining us at our two-day reader convention, Book Riot Live, this November. Go get your tickets, and then come back here and start your reading list!

Wendy Xu: Angry Girl Comics
I adore Xu’s City Witch short story series — Working Witch, Millenial Magic, and City Magic — not least because my city life DESPERATELY needs these spells in it:

City Magic by Wendy Xu

by Wendy Xu


Lucy Knisley: Relish: My Life in the Kitchen
It’s not her newest, but it’s my current favorite and not just because of the amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe. Relish looks at life in a foodie family — with a chef and a gourmet for parents, there was no way it wouldn’t be a huge part of her life. Her reflections on her family, her own life, and the food she ate along the way are beautifully (and mouth-wateringly) drawn. I also really enjoyed the writing; Knisley knows how to tell a story. And the recipes! Read this in a stocked kitchen and be prepared to do some cooking.

Relish by Lucy Knisley

Greg Pak, Storm Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
Storm has long been my favorite of the X-Men — she’s got bad-ass elemental powers, she can be a leader without having a giant ego about it, and if I thought I could pull off really any of her hairstyles I would go get it done Right. Now. Pak’s run with her showcases all these things and then some: her struggle with her history and identity; the way shouldering new responsibilities changes her life and her friendships; and the changing state of the world itself. I’m a sucker for a redemption story, and this run has so many! (And who else is SUPER EXCITED for The Totally Awesome Hulk?)

Storm Vol. 1 and 2 by Greg Pak

Margaret Atwood, BookTour Comix
It’s true, friends! The one and only Margaret Atwood draws comix! (Is there anything she cannot do? The answer is, no.) You may have heard she’s contributing to The Secret Lives of Geek Girls; while we all wait anxiously for that, you can read her work on her site. I particularly enjoyed “Negotiating with the Dead,” which details not only the weirdness of being on a talk show but talks about the writing process as well.

Negotiating with the Dead comic by Margaret Atwood