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Comics Fetish: Volume 92

Welcome to Comics Fetish, your weekly dose of wallet pain.

As usual, I’m a fan of subtle nerdery. Show your love for Chewbacca, but only to those who’ll recognize your rad new bracelet.

chewbacca bandolier leather bracelet star wars thinkgeekHave you been playing Pokémon Go? What level are ya? And what’s your favorite starter Pokémon?

squirtle plush pokemon

Love the ‘hawk on Captain Marvel.

captain marvel mohawk masked funko pop

Whether for cosplay or regular display in your home, this Mega Man helmet is pretty dang cool. It lights up and everything!

mega man wearable helmet

Though I do prefer the classic Harley look, I do rather enjoy this version, up for pre-order now from Kotobukiya (expected arrival: September 2016)

kotobukiya harley quinn new52 batman toy