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Comics Fetish: Volume 81

Welcome to Comics Fetish, a weekly portal to a geeky alternate universe where you have all the money to buy all of the things you want without the strain of worrying about your livelihood or the crushing weight of capitalistic greed preying upon your soul. Enjoy!

If you don’t know, now you will because it’s on this shirt.



I prefer this shirt in white because I like to properly pay my respects, but the black one is also suitable for all your WicDiv feels. This shirt may also be available to order through your Local Comic Shop, so go support them! (*cough*AVAILABLE NOW AT FANTOM COMICS*cough*) Also, I can personally attest to loving this shirt from ownership, so please excuse only the mock up display image available.

lucifer died for our sins


You want cute nerdy perler bead creations? My girl has got you covered. She even takes custom orders! Keychains, hair bows, bow ties, magnets, all adorable!

sailor scout perlers


Steven Universe has had a few comics and an original graphic novel come out of it. Get these adorable Crying Breakfast Friends stickers and put them on your laptop, or deactivated warp pads!

crying breakfast friends

I might have caved and bought another Funko POP! figure this week. But, look at cute little Matt Murdock! You just wanna pat his head and try to ease his Catholic guilt.

matt murdock pop