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Comics Fetish: Volume 80 (Revolutionary Girl Utena Edition)

Welcome to Comics Fetish, your weekly dose of wallet pain. Every five installments, we run with a theme. This week, it’s Revolutionary Girl Utena! For the unfamiliar, the basic premise is Utena admired a prince as a child and decides she wants to become one herself. As a teenager, she acts and dresses like a prince, and gets involved with a girl called Anthy who is in an abusive relationship. Utena makes it her mission to protect her and fights loads of sword duels with other students to that end. You can read the original manga or watch the animated adaptation – both rock.

The most ubiquitous symbol throughout this series is the rose – a decal like this is subtle, but fans will probably recognize it.utena rose crest decal darkfiredesign etsyAlso subtle, and totally gorgeous, is this skater dress.

utena skater dress rose seal kyocatclothing etsy

For the collectors among us. I’m a fan of SEGA Prize figures, and this Utena is no exception.

sega prize premium utena figure toy

Honestly though, I won’t blame ya if you want to go for something higher quality from MegaHouse. This one sports a nice pose.

megahouse GEM series utena tenjou figure toy

The rose crest makes for a lovely compact mirror.

utena compact mirror rose crest noiadevidre etsy

And here are some bonus earrings since I dropped two toys earlier in this post.

utena rose crest duelist signet foxyfunk etsy earrings