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Comics Fetish: Volume 70 – DIY Edition

Welcome to Comics Fetish, your weekly dose of wallet pain. Every five installments of this column, we run it with a theme. This time around, it’s going to be awesome DIY projects. Get your crafting gear ready!

Fellow Panelteer Katie brought this super rad project to my attention: make a lamp look like some kind of crazy collectible item with a few old action figures!

DIY avengers lamp marvel action figures

Into decoupage? Find a blank cuff bracelet and some old comics, and get to work:

wonder woman cuff bracelet decoupage comics modpodge

It’s super easy to make coasters, and you can use some old comics for that, too:


Why not decorate smaller items you carry around, like a compact mirror, while you’re at it?

compact mirror comics diy modpodge

Still lament some of the more obscure comics characters you love aren’t made into Funko Pop! figures yet? Make your own (or get a pal to help you). Awesome kids project, too. Customizing vinyl toys is easy as pie, and you don’t even have to paint them or buy special supplies – just use some permanent markers:

funko pop female vinyl blank

And here’s a bonus, just because I flippin’ love this video of our fearless leader Swapna. Substitute the print pages for comics pages and you’ve got a festive wall decoration for the whole year: