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Comics Fetish: Volume 65 (Where’s Rey Edition)

Welcome to Comics Fetish, your weekly round-up of cool comics-related stuff to buy and wear and gift and share. We theme every fifth issue of Comics Fetish here at Panels, and in honour of the appalling lack of Rey merchandise on the market, this week we’re celebrating all the amazing fan-made Rey swag you can buy. Where’s Rey? Right here! And because there’s so much cool stuff to be had, it’s a double issue: 10 fetish-worthy Rey items! Star Wars nerds, assemble!

I’m sort of obsessed with this tiny Rey figurine who comes in a box of kinetic sand.


It’s a Petit Prince-Rey mash-up, you guys!


This watercolour poster is jaw-dropping.


Episode VII but pure 80s style.


Loving this dress-up felt doll Rey, complete with trust sidekick BB-8.


Um, Rey and BB-8 also make an exceptionally cute earring set.


We know we’re not alone in thinking Rey is Bae. Advertise it on your shirt!


Keep Rey close to your heart with this pendant styled after her costume.


Who in the galaxy is more trustworthy than Rey when it comes to keeping your place in your book?


This unisex tee is great for letting anyone anywhere ask, “Where’s Rey?”