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Comics Fetish: Volume 55 (TopatoCo Edition)

Welcome to Comics Fetish, your weekly round-up of cool comics-related stuff to buy and wear and gift and share. As you probably know by now, we theme every fifth issue of Comics Fetish: in honour of Kate Beaton’s adorable Fat Pony plushie being available for sale this week, Comics Fetish: Volume 55 celebrates the TopatoCo Shop, where you can buy creations from all your favourite indie comics artists.

While we’re talking about Kate Beaton, obviously this Astonishing Lady t-shirt is the cat’s pyjamas.

Astonishing Lady Tee by Kate Beaton

On the topic of excellent women names Kate, this Kate Leth smartphone cover-slash-wallet is the pro-selfie weapon you’ve been waiting for.

Patriarchy Busting Selfie Machine Phone Case

What if you could make your own Dinosaur Comics? WHAT IF.

Dinosaur Comics Magnetic Set

The Cat and Girl sticker pack is a must-own if only for that “my other car is a Pynchon novel” one.

Cat and Girl Sticker Pack

You didn’t think I’d forget to include the Perry Bible Fellowship, did you?

Perry Bible Fellowship Tee

And of course, a bonus this week: it’s FAT PONY, YOU GUYS.

fat pony plushie