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Comics Fetish: Volume 35 (Deadpool Edition)

Welcome to Comics Fetish, your weekly round-up of cool comics-related stuff to buy and wear and gift and share. We theme every fifth volume of Comics Fetish, and I’ve been reading a lot of Deadpool in anticipation of the forthcoming movie. So here’s our Deadpool Comics Fetish!

Deadpool piggy bank. This makes me happy on so many levels.

deadpool piggy bank

Totally meta Deadpool shoes. I’m in.

deadpool vans

Deadpool as an 8-bit Megaman-style character — complete with taco — is probably the best magnet you can own. Objectively speaking.

8bit deadpool magnet set

It’s wedding season, and what better way to finish off your French cuffs than with the Merc with the Mouth?

deadpool cufflinks

Deadpool + a kitty + a dictionary is my Break the Geek Internet submission.

deadpool cat print


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