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Comics Fetish: Volume 22

Welcome to Comics Fetish, your weekly dose of wallet pain.

I’m starting off today’s column not with something you can throw your money at, but an awesome thing you can make at home. Personally, I haven’t tie dyed anything since I was a kid, but I see myself doing this. For comics. And America.


This is super duper early, but if you’re the type to budget for the holidays well in advance, or if you just need some more Harley in your life, this statue might be for you. Release is in December, but you can pre-order now.


For the Rat Queens who just want to class it up every now and again. Maybe not get beer rings all over the table some nights. It’s a comics hazard later on, after all.


When fighting evil by moonlight, never forget your rad accessories.

sailor-moon-hair-bow-shemakesglamourEven robots need hugs.



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