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Comics Fetish: Volume 10 (Ugly Sweater Edition)

Welcome to Comics Fetish, your weekly dose of wallet pain. It’s time for another themed edition, and it’s also that time of the year when people can wear ugly sweater designs both ironically and unironically, so here are some comics-related ones you can totally buy for yourself (or someone you love/hate).

TeeFury is selling a bunch of nerdy ugly sweaters, and there’s a great one called Hooked on a Feeling, but at the time of writing it’s sold out. But worry not! There’s another fantastic Guardians of the Galaxy-related one called Holiday Mix vol. 1 that I’m sure many of you will love just as much.

If you like things a little more mid-’80s, you can never go wrong with pizza and Ninja Turtles.

And of course, you can always go the classic route with Batman and Superman.

Did anyone else spend years of their childhood singing this parody of Jingle Bells? I know it wasn’t just me, because it’s on a sweater.

To round things out, I’ll come back to modern stuff, and take it even a step further and bring in a Japanese title here for ya, an ugly sweater design based on Attack on Titan with a little… twist.