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Here Comes the (Book Riot Live) Remix, Pt. 3: A Post Round-Up

Jenn Northington

Director, Editorial Operations

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A round-up of recaps and articles on Book Riot Live 2015. Thanks so much to everyone who came out for our first year! Read Pt. 1 here and Pt. 2 here.

I have thoughts about meeting a legend like Margaret Atwood. It was definitely an experience that I’ll never forget, but the encounters I treasure the most and have thought about the most, were the ones I had with Sarah McLean, Beverly Jenkins, Alisha Rai, and Suleikha Snyder. I got to have real conversations with them, whereas talking to Margaret Atwood was a bit overwhelming. What does one say to a legend?

Karena poses an excellent question in her recap — we’re not sure either, tbh.


Two best friends who attended [the Writing What You Don’t Know] panel, Joanna and Amber, had come from Pennsylvania to enjoy New York for the weekend. Both were reading when I rudely interrupted them to find out what had brought them there, and they seemed emblematic of the crowd at large.

Publishing Perspectives wrote up Book Riot Live, and if your names are Joanna and Amber, you’re in it!


I’ve been to a great many panels about publishing, but Farm to Table: How a Book Gets Made was a different and fun take on the subject. The panelists each work in the industry in a different role: author, agent, editor, cover designer, and publicist. Their presentation walked the audience through the way each job contributes to getting a book out into the world. It was particularly interesting to hear when and how collaborations happen during the process.

Lisa took excellent notes; thanks for the programming feedback!


My main complaint about Book Riot Live is that there were too many interesting panels happening at the same time and I hate choosing!

Poindextrix is not the only one who had a hard time picking. Sorry not sorry??


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