Book Riot Live

Here Comes the (Book Riot Live) Remix, Pt. 2: A Post Round-Up

A round-up of recaps and articles on Book Riot Live 2015. Thanks so much to everyone who came out for our first year! Read Pt. 1 here.

I also did a rad pictionary battle with Wendy Xu, did an interview with vlogger, Ariel Bissett, shook hands with the queen, Margaret Atwood, and heard a very cool song about my book, Relish, by Susan Hwang.

Comics artist/writer Lucy Knisley had a great time at Book Riot Live (WE LOVE YOU LUCY).


I would recommend this conference to any writers or readers who want a book learning experience that is fun. Often conferences like these are so jam-packed with sessions that you don’t get a chance to do much networking, but with the book mixers and activities they built into it from a book fan perspective, it just made it so thrilling.

Tameka Mullins got a chance to learn and recharge.


At the first Book Riot Live event last week, one of the participants, Alyssa, put together a map for a Book Crawl. We were all super excited about it but by the time Saturday evening rolled around, many brains were mushed! But a few of us adventurous types made it out!

Here’s an awesomely thorough recap of the attendee-organized bookstore crawl.


The truth of the matter is that I attended Book Riot Live in large part due to Atwood being there but I ended up enjoying all the programming that I attended. The podcast was very funny and the panel on diverse books was pretty interesting as well.

Jen at the Reader’s Room recaps her Saturday at Book Riot Live.


I had never been to a book conference before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but when I started getting information about the line-up of speakers and panelists I was pretty excited!

We were Rebecca L.’s first book con! Welcome to the dark side, Rebecca — WE HAVE BOOKS.


Book Riot Live was a lot of fun. But too tired to write a full review now so here are some photos.

We are so here for your photos.


I walked away feeling super inspired to pick back up the starting framework of the next novel I’m writing and to see that through to finish hopefully by midyear 2016.

Lara noted a bunch of great quotes from the authors she saw, if you’re looking for craft-talk.


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