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Tips for Creating Your Perfect Closet Reading Nook

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Alex Rouch

Staff Writer

As an editor, Alexandra Rouch finds joy in helping authors strengthen their work. In undergrad, she wrote esoteric English papers on queerness and power dynamics that vexed and exhausted her faculty. Her life ambition is to achieve the tranquility present in Mary Oliver’s work; until then, she spends her time thinking about the monstrous feminine and getting in fistfights with her own metaphors.

Creating a closet reading nook is the perfect way to add an extra level of coziness to your reading. For kids, there’s something magical about having a little space meant just for them and their books. I mean, just look at these examples! As an adult, having a set-aside place for reading can help you unwind and focus. Not to mention, making an extra “room” in your home can help ease restlessness in quarantine by giving you a new place to spend time. All in all, a DIY closet reading nook project is easy, inexpensive, and a great weekend activity. To get you started, we’ve put together some basic steps and tips.

Prepare Your Closet

Step one, you need to pick a closet and remodel it. This part might seem intimidating if you’re not the handiest with power tools, but you can plan around your available materials and experience. Shelves are a must-have, and painting or wallpapering the space can make it feel fresh and new. There are several different easy ways to make cute floating shelves to store your books. Get creative with it!

The Pin

Some people like their closet reading nooks with doors, others don’t. Do what works for you!

Progress might be slow-and-steady, but it’ll be worth it.

Plan Your Seating

Most people opt for installing a bench in their nook. You don’t need much more than plywood, studs, and 2x4s to make a solid bench—check out this easy tutorial!

Leaving empty space beneath your shelf can give you a place to store bookmarks, a flashlight, and more.

You can find cute bench cushions online and in a number of stores, but on Etsy you can order a customized cushion to fit your nook perfectly.

Ugh. So gorgeous.

More of a chair person? Check out these gorgeous reading chairs you could add to a bigger closet. Not sure if anyone’s done a walk-in-closet nook, but you could be the first! Or would that just be a mini library? Apparently balcony reading nooks are a thing, so I say go for it anyway.

Let There Be Light!

Because closets aren’t often close to a window, it’s important to decide how you want to light up your nook. You may already have lights installed, but overhead fluorescents aren’t always the coziest thing. Calling in an electrician to help you install a light fixture is a good step if you want to create a nice mood in your closet nook.

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Here’s one lovely well-lit nook.

The Pin

I personally love the idea of fairy lights—you can plug them in just outside the nook or opt for battery-powered string lights!

Gather Your Pillows, Blankets, and Cozy Socks

Now it’s time for the best part. You can find so many cute throw pillows, quilts, and bookish wall-art on Etsy or at your favorite home decor store. We’ve gathered some inspiration below to get you started.


It’s hard not to fall in love with this pillow. (Via Etsy).


Or this very appropriate wall art from an Etsy creator. (via Etsy).

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Curtains can make your closet reading nook feel even more secluded and tucked away. Yes, please!

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Just look at how cute this is.

Need more inspiration? Take a look at some other reading nooks or these examples from Pinterest!

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No matter what your decorating style, you can create a nook that complements it.

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A classical nook befitting Ms. Elizabeth Bennet.

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Those trees. I’m swooning.

If you want to get even more adventurous with your reading spaces, look at some of these imaginative reading nooks! Whatever you do, make sure to show us your results!