Critical Linking

Chinese Store Leaves Customers On Stairway To Literary Heaven:

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A bookstore straight from the pages of a book lover’s fantasy has been brought to life in an impressive architectural feat in China.

Optical illusions and mirrored ceilings make the Zhongshuge Bookstore in Hangzhou, China feel never ending as thousands of colourful covers are reflected from wall to wall.

This is so, so cool


Over any given year, those of us in the literary media see hundreds of books pass by. Some of their covers are great, some mediocre, some simply odd, but the ones we remember from the pack tend to be either the most unusual or the most repeated. So one of my favorite exercises after a year of covering and reading about books is to shake up my memory and see how the covers I’m familiar with looked in other countries. Since big books are often published concurrently (or at least closely together) in the US and the UK, I thought I would compare some of my favorites here, and even dare to choose which one I like better.

On that note, please bear in mind that I am an American writer and reader, and therefore US book covers are made for people like me—but also bear in mind that I may have gotten bored with the American covers, and the UK ones have that sparkly new quality that makes me like them better. Or just imagine my picks are pure and unskewed, and feel free to argue with them in the comments!

I love looking at UK and Australian covers of books and comparing them to the US/Canadian versions. 


“The kids were so excited, they were trying to buy books out of it before we even unveiled it,” said Umatilla Elementary School Principal Dianne Dwyer.

When the students are kind, get their homework done, or simply make good choices, they are rewarded with “Bulldog Bucks.”

Then they go to the school’s media specialist, Susan Caldwell, who oversees the library, book fair, and this new vending machine. She takes their ‘bucks’ and gives them coins to use at the machine to select their book of choice