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Character Scented Candles to Remind You of Your Faves

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Their search for a place to be who they want is an exhilarating, painful, magical adventure.

I swear every time I dive into Etsy to find bookish items, I find a whole new niche of things I never even thought to look for. Take for example bookish scented candles — most of us know about them. We even have a list full of candles that smell like books, or candles that are inspired by specific books. Which already give you a nice, cozy, sense of comfort when you light their wicks. But did you know that Etsy also has a ton of scented candles inspired by specific characters? So whether you love Rhys, Inej, Poppy, The Darkling, or even Mr. Darcy — you can have a scented candle that reminds you of your favorite character! And the scents are pretty spot-on if I do say so myself.

Small disclaimer here before we get into the actual list. I tried to look for candles from different sellers. But I also found a couple of stores that specifically sell a lot of character scented candles. These stores are BriarWick, FantasyFlamesShop, and SMELLSLIKEBOOKS — so if you don’t see your favorite character on this list, don’t worry! There are plenty more character-inspired scented candles in those shops for you to pick.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at these ten character scented candles that will certainly remind you of your faves.

10 Amazing Character Scented Candles

Photo of a lit Percy Jackson character scented candle - sea salt & sarcasm on a wooden tabletop

This sea salt scented candle is perfect for fans of Rick Riordan’s OG demigod. $16

Photo of Inej character scented candle

The tangy mix of grapefruit with the sweetness of the geranium make for a great scented candle for Inej! I also love the two sizes it comes in — novel (8oz) and short story (4oz). They cost $20 and $11 respectively.

Photo of three From Blood and Ash character scented candles

But what if you want not one, not two, but three scented candles from your favorite books? Well you can have all three of these From Blood and Ash scented candles for $38.

Zafira bookish scented candle

The warm and woody scents of this candle are perfect for Zafira from We Hunt the Flame. Plus, the store also has candles for Nasir and Altair! $18

Shatter Me character scented candles

Warner and Juliette are such a pair in Shatter Me, as are their candles! You can buy one of them, or a tin duo set (the set is really worth it!). $6+

Mr. Darcy character scented candle

The Smells Like Books shop has candles for several characters — but this candle is one of my favorites because it’s exactly what I imagine Mr. Darcy to smell like! You can also buy it as a wax melt. $9+

Rhysand character scented candle

The beauty of character scented candles is that you can choose one to remind you of your favorite book boyfriends — like Rhys! $9+

Lara Jean bookish candle

Lara Jean bakes so much, I imagine she does smell like buttercream and vanilla. As does this soy candle! $15

Coraline character scented candle

This is a sweet and bold-smelling scented candle — just like Coraline! Made of Parasoy wax, it has notes of vanilla, raspberry, cedar, and jasmine. $18.99

Selwyn Kane bookish candle

Last but not least, Etsy does have candles for lesser known books like Legendborn! So if you liked Bree’s love interest Selwyn, you’ll certainly like his candle. $10+

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