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A Celebration of Women in Fiction: Comics Edition

Our very own Preeti Chhibber recently decided to start a string of shout-outs on Twitter to some of her favorite women in fiction. It started with a few author/creator shout-outs, and then specific characters. When she adopted the #womeninfiction hashtag for the effort, it eventually led to a trending tag with hundreds of responses by all sorts of lovely folk sharing their favorite ladies in fiction. Some of their transmissions include reasons why the ladies rock, others are simple lists. I’ve collected a bunch below that feature ladies in comics:

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, or even a collection of all of the tweets that featured comics characters during the love fest that was the #womeninfiction hashtag. Hell, the party might still be going on. Feel free to add more awesome comics ladies of your own to this collection by replying in the comments below, or jump into the conversation on Twitter.


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