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Cats on Book Stacks Stickers, Pins, Tees, and More

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Kelly Jensen


Kelly is a former librarian and a long-time blogger at STACKED. She's the editor/author of (DON'T) CALL ME CRAZY: 33 VOICES START THE CONVERSATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH and the editor/author of HERE WE ARE: FEMINISM FOR THE REAL WORLD. Her next book, BODY TALK, will publish in Fall 2020. Follow her on Instagram @heykellyjensen.

I have had more than one embarrassing “my cat ate my book” discussion with a local library in my life. More than one of my feline companions enjoys chewing book pages with reckless abandon, though to give them some credit, their desire for paper consumption pales in comparison to the rabbit’s. All of that is to say, much as I love the image of a cat on a book stack — and I do! — in my house it is far more fantasy than it is reality. Fortunately, there are plenty of cute cats on book stacks goods, ranging from stickers to pins to tees and more to at least pretend that such a serene world exists somewhere.

These finds are for cat lovers, as well as those who appreciate cute animals atop books. I’ve found an array of fun items, with a range of different familiars, to satisfy that desire to see two excellent things of life together in one place.

Grab your wallets (or maybe hide them!) and snag some of these sweet cats on book stacks goods for your home or office. Just…keep some of them away from your own cats if yours are anything like mine.

Image of a hand holding a purple bookmark with a white cat on a colorful book stack.

This bookmark has such a magical feel. Purple bookmark featuring a white cat on a colorful stack of books, $4.

Image of a sticker which has an orange striped cat on a stack of books.

I’d like to join this sweet orange striped cat — Jorts? — for a nap on this stack of books. Grab the sticker for $3.

Image of a stemless wine glass with an image of a cat on a stack of books.

Sip your favorite beverage out of this cat on a stack glass. $18.

Image of a t-shirt design featuring a white cat stretched out on top of a stack of Jane Austen books.

This tee is for fans of cats on stacks AND Jane Austen. I love how she’s lounging on top of those books. $28 and up.

Pair of earrings featuring an orange cat on top of a book stack.

I’d wear these sweet orange cat earrings on my ears. $36, and they are made to order, so each will be unique.

Image of a canvas tote bag with an image of a cat on top of a book stack.

A purr-fect tote bag for book lovers. $16.

Purple, green, and blue book stack with a gray cat.

This is the pattern you can get embroidered on the color hand towel of your choice. Take your love of books and cats right into your bathroom. $17.

Image of an embroidery project that features a cat on a stack of books.

Practice your embroidery with this digital downloadable pattern. Choose your colors and create this cat-on-a-stack for your wall or bookshelf. $2.50.

Image of colorful cat embroidery.

Here’s another embroidery pattern option for lovers of cat stacks. $5.50.

Image of a book stamp featuring a black cat on a book stack.

Keep your personal library safe by marking each title as belonging to you. This Ex Libris cat stack stamper would be a great choice. $8 and up, depending on size.

Ex Libris stamp with a cat on book stacks.

Here is another ex libris stamper featuring a feline on top of a book stack. $42, as you can personalize (purr-sonalize?) this one.

Image of a camping mug featuring an orange cat asleep beside a book stack.

Looking for a new mug? While this one doesn’t technically have a cat on a book stack, it sure is snuggling with that lit stack. $14 and up, depending on the size and style of mug you choose.

Image of a wooden piece of art featuring a cat on a book stack.

This one’ll set you back, but I suspect no one else you know has a vintage wooden cat on a book stack carving. It would look great on YOUR book shelf, though. $120.

Image of a vinyl sticker featuring a tabby cat in glasses on top of a stack of books.

It’s tabby time! Put this lil vinyl guy on your water bottle or planner. $1.50. Here’s another cat stack sticker option that’ll run you $3.25 (you can personalize this one!).

Image of a white tee with a pastel cat and book stack.

This pastel cat on a pastel book stack is sweet. Grab it in white or a number of other colored tees. $23 and up.

Image of a striped cat on top of a colorful stack of books. It is an iron on patch.

Put this cool cat patch on your denim jacket or tote bag. $6.

Image of three magnetic bookmarks. From left to right: a stack of books, a white cat on a stack of books, and finally, a bookstore.

And finally, don’t commit ONLY to a cat on a stack bookmark. This set of three magnetic bookmarks also includes a solo stack and a bookstore. $11 for all three.

Want more cats and books? Have we got you covered! Check out these books and cats goods, plan a trip to visit these bookstores that adopt out cats, read your way into some creepy cats, and then discover what off-the-beaten-path cat book should be your next read.