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8 of the Best Magical Cities in YA Books

Let these YA books transport you to magical cities where anything can happen and the streets are alive with enchantment.

New York City in Children’s and Young Adult SFF

A bustling, fascinating city makes the perfect setting, or portal to, worlds of fantasy and imagination in these New York City SFF books for young readers.

Unique Magical Cities You Might Want To Visit

Taking a look at some of the most magical cities in science fiction and fantasy books for your next trip across the page.

5 Urban Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novels to Add to Your 2020 TBR

Don't miss exploring the magical cities of these fantastic urban science fiction and fantasy books hitting the shelves this year.

All That Glitters: The Fantasy Cities You Don’t Want to Live In

Do you dream of glittering, shimmering utopias, their streets pouring forth with witchcraft and wizardry? Then rethink a trip to these magical cities.

Magical Cities in Great Middle Grade Series (That Are Not Harry Potter)

Oh, oh, oh, it's magic! Visit eight magical places that are not Hogwarts in these mighty adventurous middle grade series about magical cities!

In Defense of Druhástrana, the Nightmare Country of GINGERBREAD

Taking a close look at one fictional, shifty, fairytale region. Consider Druhástrana, the Nightmare Country of Helen Oyeyemi's GINGERBREAD.

6 Magical Cities and Their Real World Inspirations

You may not be able to travel to these fictional fantastical cities, but you can take a trip around the world to the locales that inspired them.

Quiz: Which Magical City Should You Live In?

In magical cities, everything is possible. Take this quiz and find out which magical city from fantasy you should live in.

5 Frightening Magical Cities of Fantasy and Horror

From King's Landing to Gujaareh, from real places to fictional ones, these magical cities are filled with baddies and bad times and bad dogs.

7 Captivating and Unique Magical Cities

Fantasy novels must have a setting that has as much life as the characters. These 7 captivating magical cities in books are deadly beauties.

The 10 Best HAMLET Retellings, Ranked

With all the many versions of Shakespeare's HAMLET out there, which ones are worth checking out? Here are the best Hamlet retellings.

Shakespeare Retold Through Ballet

For the past 250 years, Shakespeare has served as inspiration for various types of dance. Get to know the ballet adaptations of Shakespeare.

Pairing Covers of Shakespeare Retellings With the Original Play

Make a perfect gift set for the Shakespeare fans in your life with these cover pairings of Shakespeare plays and contemporary retellings.

10 YA Shakespeare Retellings to TBR

From ROMEO AND JULIET to HAMLET to KING LEAR, check out these ten YA Shakespeare retellings and experience classic works in new ways!