Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

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Who Was Sanora Babb?

Sanora Babb was the author of one of the greatest novels about the Dust Bowl. But why isn't she better known?

35 Must-Read Books of Nonfiction by AAPI Authors

Nonfiction is where things get really juicy! Get a firsthand look at the truth of AAPI experiences with nonfiction by AAPI authors.

Fantasy Books for People Who Don’t Like Fantasy Books

If fantasy intimidates you or you think you don't like the genre, give these books a shot and see if they change your mind.

The Most Read YA Books in College and University Classes

The average publication date of YA books most commonly assigned in colleges and universities is 1998.

The Most Influential Manga of All Time

The most influential manga of all time is the culmination of centuries of early Japanese art and emerged from the post-war era.

Independent Bookstore Day 2023 Celebrations Across the Country

Find out what cities across the U.S. are doing to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day 2023 on April 29th and get in on the fun!

20 Dark Academia Romance Books to Swoon and Obsess Over

Moody libraries. Check. Lots of swooning. Absolutely. Get into it with the best dark academia romance books.

The Evolution of Spoken Word Poetry

From 1920s jazz poets to the Black Arts Movement to TikTok, here's how spoken word poetry has evolved over the last 100 years.

20+ Must-Read YA Comics for New + Seasoned Fans of the Format

From shapeshifters to legendary Civil Rights leaders, revenge stories to coming out experiences, these are must-read YA comics, including Squad by Maggie Tokuda-Hall, illustrated by Lisa Sterle.

The 22 Best Cyberpunk Novels of All Time

Cyberpunk focuses on high technology and low life. Here are the 22 best cyberpunk novels of all time, from classics to recent additions.