#Saturday Reads

How Do Readers Rate The New York Times Best-Selling Books?

What do actual readers think about the books which land on the New York Times Bestseller List? A new study finds out.

How the Pandemic Has Changed Our Reading Lives

Real readers weigh in on how the stress and new routines of the pandemic have changed how much we’re reading—and what we’re choosing to read.

How the USPS Chooses Its Literary Stamps

From the historic Literary Arts series to letters from the public, we unpack the process by which the USPS brainstorms and creates its stamps.

How the Neapolitan Novels Kept Me Going During Some of the Lowest Points in My Life

Struggling with anxiety, expectations, and health concerns, one reader recounts how Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan novels kept her going.

Why There Aren’t More Jointly Authored Novels

A look at the history of jointly authored novels, including authors' approaches, the benefits, and the pitfalls of coauthorship.

The Futura Is Now: Why YA Cover Design Looks The Way It Does

A deep dive into the rise of the sans serif font for YA book cover titles and a history of trends in YA cover design.

A Crash Course on the Detainment of Uyghurs and Uyghur Writers

Find a quick overview of one of China's ethnic minorities in this crash course on the detainment of Uyghurs and Uyghur writers.

What Made Black And Blue Pens Standard? A Colorful Look at Ink

Taking a look at ink, one of the tools we use to write and preserve words, and how the ink colors we choose affect us.

How the Black Lives Matter Protests Impacted Book Media

The New York Times contests that Black Lives Matter is the biggest movement in U.S history. If the movement was so massive that it affected coverage for many sites, then it's worth looking at how Black Lives Matter directly impacted book media.

Do You Need a Library Science Degree to Work in a Library?

Want to work in a library without an MLS degree? Here's how.