#Saturday Reads

Archives, Archivists, and Dealing With the Trump Presidency

A look at the role of archives and archivists in preserving the historical record and how the Trump presidency invites new challenges.

Judging a Book Cover by Its Color

When you look at your shelves, do you see a dominant color scheme? Dive into the world of book cover colors and what they may denote.

The History of the Bookworm

The earliest documented appearance of the word bookworm, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is in 1580.

The Free Black Women’s Library Celebrating Black Women and Nonbinary Writers

Learn about The Free Black Women's Library celebrating Black women and nonbinary writers, and support their reading room campaign.

10 Tidbits About Libraries for Visually Impaired and Print Disabled People

Get to know the work and services of libraries for the visually impaired and print disabled people around the world.

The History of the Spelling Bee

The Scripps National Spelling Bee is a national tradition. But what fascinates us about middle-schoolers spelling?

Ex Libris: A History of Bookplates

Ever heard the term "ex libris?" Dive into the history of bookplates and how they help collectors track history.

The Most Commonly Assigned Books In U.S. Colleges

What are the most commonly assigned books in college courses across the USA and what do they say about who is and isn't being seen?

A Little Dirty Laundry: The Forgotten Legacy of Grace Metalious and PEYTON PLACE

Take a trip to PEYTON PLACE and learn about the legacy and turbulent life of Grace Metalious, author of the controversial classic.

Using Neuroscience to Understand Reading Slumps

We're taking a look at reading slumps through the lens of neuroscience, considering the science behind cognitive overload, fatigue, and more.