#Saturday Reads

20 Must-Read No-Sleep Stories

In the mood for something disturbing and thought-provoking? There are 20 must-read no sleep stories for you here.

From Kaia Garber to Dua Lipa: Gen Z Celebrity Book Clubs Are Taking Off

How do these celebrities speak to younger readers in a way the established book clubbers like Oprah or Reese don’t?

Nuance on the Internet Isn’t Dead: In Praise of Bookstagram Scholarship

Yes, social media platforms like Instagram weren't built for nuanced conversations. But that doesn't mean they aren't happening.

Conformity Killed the Radio Star: The Great Literary Hoax of I, LIBERTINE

A look at the great hoax that was I, LIBERTINE, the book that took the literary world by storm but (sort of) never was.

20 of the Most Thought-Provoking, Philosophical Science Fiction Books of All Time

Looking for a work of science fiction that will make you really think? Welcome to these philosophical sci-fi books!

Adding Jewish Books to Your Diverse Reading

Further diversify your reading this High Holiday season with Jewish books, which are themselves becoming more and more diverse.

20 Marvelous Modern Poets

Here are 20 of the absolute best modern poets spinning verses, breaking lines, playing with form, and rhyming (or not) today.

True Crime: Rare Book Theft Edition

For some, certain books hold a rare and expensive status. As a result, there are people who try to steal them to sell or keep as their own.

Bookish Is a Bad Thing? A History of The Word “Bookish”

The history of the word "bookish" might be more surprising than you'd expect–and its connotation less positive.

The 20 Most Influential Fantasy Books of the Last 10 Years

These recent influential fantasy books run the gamut from critically acclaimed to confusingly popular and everything in between.