#Read Harder

Read Harder is Book Riot’s annual reading challenge, where we design 24 tasks to help you read outside your comfort zone and find your next favorite read!

The Bookish Internet Killed My Reading Life

This story starts with a kid who loves reading and ends with an adult who has turned this hobby into a minefield of expectations and guilt.

25 of the Best Nonfiction Books of All Time

The best nonfiction books of all time, including The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin, have had an deep impact on our understanding of the world or deal with important, profound themes.

Book Riot’s 2023 Read Harder Challenge

Join us for Read Harder 2023, Book Riot's annual reading challenge encouraging readers to discover new voices, formats, genres, and perspectives.

Full Meta Jacket: 10 Nonfiction Books about the Stories Behind Books

What's the truth behind LOLITA? What about behind GO ASK ALICE? These books, including Prairie Fires, take off the dust jackets behind the stories.

Do Main Characters Need to be Likable?

Do characters need to be likable in order for us to like them? One reader examines the subjective nature of likability and wha it even means.

How Many Books Does the Average Person Read?

Which country is reading less than 2 books a year, and which are reading almost 20? Find how many books the average person reads worldwide.

What are Forgotbusters? The Blockbuster Books that Time Forgot

These books were bestsellers in their time, and some even adapted to film, but have been ultimately forgotten. One writer explores why.

What Are Hopepunk Books, And Where Should I Get Started?

Want to start reading in the sci-fi hopepunk genre? Find our guide to this sub-genre and our recommendations for the best hopepunk books!

The 50 Scariest Books Of All Time

Ask readers what the scariest books of all time are, and I guarantee you'll get a different answer from every single one.

Amazon Changes Kindle eBook Return Policy, Ends Lending Between Kindle Users, and More

What's going on with Kindle? See what changes are coming to return policies, file formats, and ebook lending at Amazon.