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Quiz: Act Like A Social Media Influencer, Get A Book Recommendation

Get a book recommendation based on what a day in your life as a (hypothetical) influencer would look like.

Quiz: What Manga Should I Read?

Whether you're a veteran manga reader or newbie, answer a few quick questions and we'll help you find the next manga to read.

Quiz: Dystopia, Headline, or Both?

We're living in *sigh* unprecedented times. Can you tell the difference between these events from dystopian novels and real news headlines?

What Book Should I Read?

Wondering what book should I read? We've got your answers, stocked with new-to-you titles and reads for the new year.


In this 11-question quiz, you'll be tested on all things Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, from characters to plot points and quotations.

Quiz: Which Judy Blume Character Are You?

Take this Judy Blume character quiz to find out which literary characters from her beloved books you are most like.

Quiz: Are You a YA Cover Expert?

Can you guess which of the covers in the pair is YA and which is not? Put your skills to the test.

QUIZ: What Should Your 2023 Bookish New Year’s Resolution Be?

Trying to find the perfect bookish new year's resolution to spice up your reading life? This quiz can help you find it!

QUIZ: Which Fictional Library is Your Perfect Match?

Test your reader aesthetic in this fun quiz that will tell you if your fictional library match is more Bag End or a Babel.

Quiz: Based on Your 2022 Reading, Which 2023 Queer Book Should You Preorder?

Whether you were happy or unhappy with your reading in 2022, this quiz will tell you the best queer book you should preorder for 2023.