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Design a Training Montage and Get a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Recommendation

Inspired by both SFF movies and some classic '80s movies, take this quiz to design your hero's training montage and get a book rec!

Quiz: What Should Your Next Historical Fiction Read Be?

Share a little bit about historical eras you wish you were part of and get your next historical fiction read.

Quiz: What Fictional Character Are You?

What fictional character are you? Answer these fifteen questions to discover which literary character you are most like!

QUIZ: Can You Match the Literary Animal to Its Book?

Do you love books about furry friends? Take this literary animal quiz to see if you can match the beastly character to its book!

Quiz: Book Title, Song Title, Or Both?

Are you a word nerd? How about a music geek? Both? Put yourself to the test and see if you can separate book titles from song lyrics.

Quiz: Warm Up This Winter With Your Next Hot Romance Read

Snuggle into your favorite reading spot and curl up with one of these romance reads that will heat you up in the heart of winter, including Love & Other Disasters by Anita Kelly.

Quiz: Find a Book That Will Make You (Re)Believe in Magic

Need a little magic in your life? The books in this quiz have made me (re)believe in magic. May it spark the belief in you too!

Quiz: Forget Your Zodiac Sign. What Book Genre Are You?

Let go of what you know about your zodiac sign. Instead, what book genre are you?

QUIZ: Can You Match the Book Banning Quote to the Decade?

Does the rhetoric from book banners sound familiar, like we're in the 90s again? See if you can match the book banning rhetoric to its decade.

QUIZ: Pick Some Clearance Candy and We’ll Tell You What Romance-Free Book to Read

If you're more excited about half-priced candy than ooey-gooey lovey-dovey stuff, this romance-free book quiz is for you.