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One reader discusses some of their favorite literary video games, which use text, plot, and character development to deliver their full experience.

The Connection Between Jane Austen’s EMMA and AMÉLIE

Taking a look at the striking similarities between Jane Austen's EMMA and Jean-Pierre Jeunet's AMÉLIE, as well as the protagonists' differences.

New to Netflix: The Latest Shows and Movies Based on Books

If you're a "read-the-book-first" person, here is a list of 15 TV series and movies based on books that are new to Netflix in January and February of 2020.

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The new adaptation of Jane Austen's SANDITON was disappointing, but one viewer and Austen fan wants a second season anyway.

3 Comic Roles for Yetide Badaki

Yetide Badaki has already played the goddess Bilquis on 'American Gods.' Someone, please give this woman a chance to stretch in a superhero role.

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Find your next great sci-fi read, based on your favorite character on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION.

10 Things I Hate About Shakespeare

From THE TEMPEST to 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, one reader takes a look at some of the most interesting teen film adaptations of Shakespeare.

9 Books for Fans of CBS’s EVIL Who Can’t Wait for Season 2

EVIL Season 2 might be a long way away, but these horror books like CBS's EVIL will make the time go by devilishly fast for fans.

3 Comic Book Roles Perfect for Gina Carano

While the breakout star of THE MANDALORIAN was Yodito, I think we can all agree that Gina Carano as Carasynthia Dune also captured our hearts.

The Longevity of Oprah’s Book Club

On the history, popularity, and endurance of one of the longest-running and most successful celebrity book clubs: Oprah's Book Club.

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We've seen Oscar Isaac do a little bit of everything on screen. His upcoming role in THE GREAT MACHINE has us thinking about other comic roles for him.

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Does The Joker deserve its Oscar hype? I can think of several other comic book movies more deserving. Here are four.

A (Mostly) Definitive Ranking of Sherlock Holmes Adaptations

With more than 250 Sherlock Holmes adaptations, there’s no way to rank them all. But here's a start of the best in TV and movie adaptations.  

4 Books to Read After Watching RHYTHM + FLOW

If you're a fan of the Netflix competition show to find the next great rapper, check out these books like RHYTHM AND FLOW.