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Books for Bibliophiles

%%excerpt%% This week Alice and Kim talk books for book lovers, Anna the fake heiress, and one of the most astounding women in the Roman world.

6 Books Inspired By Your Favorite Podcasts

Give your ears a break from marathon listening, and pick up one of these books inspired by some of your all-time favorite podcasts.

Why Would a Prison Ban a Map of Westeros?

If you are a Game of Thrones fan in jail, you might not be able to get a copy of any of the books for a strange reason.

7 Fiction Podcasts for Superhero Fans

Fighting baddies, saving the world, flexing those superpowers--here are seven diverse and inclusive superpowered podcasts for superhero fans.

Death and Taxes!

This week Alice and Kim talk about the guy who got Capone, a chef who got his start selling candy on the subway, and the first people to stand up to the KKK.

VS Podcast: The Books That Make Season Two

Dig into the works highlighted in the second season of the poetry podcast VS.

372 Pages of Jealous Haters: A Reading Bad Books Podcast

Do you secretly love picking apart really bad books? Tkes a look at a popular podcast and blog that take down bad books and make us laugh as they go.

5 Reasons To Start a Podcast in Your High School Library

5 reasons to start a podcast in your high school library, engage students, build confidence, teach teammwork and a lot more.

VS Podcast: The Books That Make Season One

I’ve presented VS here before; it’s a wonderful poetry podcast that gives voice to minority poets and shows how poetry ...

Bookish Hacks, Try This At Home Tips, and More from HAPPIER With Gretchen Rubin

Benefit from this round-up of the best of bookish hacks and habits, courtesy of the first 200 episodes of the podcast HAPPIER with Gretchen Rubin.