#Our Reading Lives

Our Reading Lives features stories about how books and reading have shaped who we are and how we live.

To the Authors I’d Follow Anywhere

There are some authors who take you places you'd never expect to go and you'll follow them because they're just that good.

Falling in Love to Fall Asleep: How Romance Audiobooks Saved My Bedtime Routine

Books are often used in bedtime routines, but this writer dives into a particularly effective combination of method and genre to fall asleep.

Please, Keep Your Sequels

I no longer have any patience for series. Tell me what you have to say in one volume or forever hold your peace.

The Short Story That Saved My Life

"Rachel's story allowed me to translate the weight and confusion of behaviors I was exhibiting, but didn't understand."

Books That Bring the ’80s Nostalgia Are Like a Warm, Fuzzy Blanket

There's something cozy about revisiting that 80s nostalgia, and we're in an era chock full of it in books.

I Cooked My Way Through a Jane Austen Cookbook. Here’s How It Went.

I cooked my way through a cookbook inspired by Jane Austen's novels, and it opened up the world of the books to me.

YA and Middle Grade Books that Teach Big Lessons

With all of their character growth snd plot development, YA and middle grade books have a lot of teach. Here are a few memorable lessons.

How I Learned to Love the Motherhood Memoir Again (Sort Of)

How Reading Changed for Me After My ADHD Diagnosis

Realizing my brain is atypical didn't make me feel other or disconnected, but rather seen and capable. It changed my relationship with reading.

How I Lost and Found Jane Austen

Jane's books illustrate not just love overcoming societal odds, but growth and understanding between people, and that is why they endure.