#Today in Books

Imagine Getting a Rejection Letter from Toni Morrison

%%excerpt%% Jimmy Fallon's book club returns, a consideration of Toni Morrison's rejection letters, and the best book to read about Daniel Kahneman.

5 Ways to Write in Your Books

Level-up your marginalia skills, celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stephen King's debut novel, and get tips for organizing your TBR.

HBO Drops Dueling Trailers for HOUSE OF THE DRAGON

HBO releases dueling trailers for HOUSE OF THE DRAGON season 2, James McBride talks staying grounded after big success, and more.

What You’re Getting Wrong About Book Bans

A young poet hits it big, THE NOTEBOOK hits Broadway, and we correct a few common misconceptions about book banning.

The Right Way to Organize Your Bookshelves

An interior designer reveals the right way to organize bookshelves, a literary advice columnist ways on book lending etiquette, and more.

The OG Queen of Faerie Fantasy on Romantasy, BookTok and the Rise of YA

A YA writer who's been creating romantasy since way before we called it that weighs in on the trend; new book banning news; and more.

An English Teacher Shoots His Shot With His Students’ Favorite Author

Your daily dose of "books are magic," Quinta Brunson's dream adaptation project, and what's the point of celebrity book clubs?

DC Pride to Honor Creator of First Trans Superhero

DC Comics will honor Rachel Pollack, creator of the first trans superhero, in a new special edition. Get details and more bookish news.

What Did You Miss This Week in Books?

The world of books and reading is large and it contains multitudes. Dive into a variety pack of stories to catch up on the news.

Book Banning Attempts Hit All-Time High

A new report reveals a record number of book banning attempts in 2023, The Atlantic attempts to name a new American canon, and more.