Police procedurals, cozy mysteries, psychological thrillers, true crime: whatever your mystery flavor, we’ve got recommendations on the best mystery books out there, from diverse authors writing in every mystery sub-genre. Get your whodunit (orwhatdunit, if you like a supernatural mystery) fix with posts from our mystery/thriller-reading contributors. Now go crack those cases!

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Murder with a side of smooching. Dig into the blended genres of mystery romance books with this list of the best titles!

15 of the Best Mystery Thrillers That’ll Keep You Hooked to the Page

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How Recent Cozy Mysteries By Authors Of Color Applaud Female Power

We're seeing more strong female characters in cozy mysteries: they stutter, fall, yet rise up to take down everyone who undermines them.

Resisting the Dead Girl Trope in YA Mysteries and Thrillers

Mysteries seem to have a default of a murdered woman at the center of them, but these YA mysteries and thrillers, including Cold by Mariko Tamaki, take a different approach.

Elderly Women Up To No Good: Loving Old Lady Sleuths

Elderly women playing the role of sleuths in fiction shatter perceptions of the roles women--and older people--have in society.

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8 Recent Diverse YA Mysteries To Add To Your TBR Right Now

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The Best Mystery, Thriller, and True Crime Books Out In May

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The Most and Least Satisfying Endings of All of Agatha Christie’s Mysteries

Agatha Christie was the Queen of Crime and published 66 books, but they weren't all equal. Here are her best and worst endings.