Police procedurals, cozy mysteries, psychological thrillers: whatever your mystery fiction flavor, we’ve got recommendations on the best mystery books out there, from diverse authors writing in every mystery sub-genre. Get your whodunit (orwhatdunit, if you like a supernatural mystery) fix with posts from our mystery/thriller-reading contributors.
News and recommendations for mystery/thriller readers
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All The Books

Episode 200 This week, Liberty and María Cristina discuss Queenie, Internment, Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea, and more great ...


Episode 22 In this episode, a look at how Drag Queen Story Hour became a public library phenomenon.

For Real

Episode 27 This week Alice and Kim talk about assassinations, small town murder, and why women’s bathroom lines are longer than men’s (spoiler: it’s the patriarchy!).

Get Booked

Amanda and Jenn discuss travel and adventure stories, Romeo + Juliet read-alikes, books in translation, and more in this week's episode of Get Booked.

Hey YA

Episode 39 Eric and Kelly talk about YA adaptations of all stripes and share their spring YA TBRs. This episode is sponsored ...

Kidlit These Days

Episode 0 Meet Matthew and Karina, the hosts of our newest show all about kidlit!

Read or Dead

Episode 47 Katie and Rincey talk about the big college admissions scam (because how could they not?) and provide some creepy book picks for a reader's book club.

SFF Yeah!

Episode 48 Jenn and special guest CB Lee discuss The Night Circus and Lord of the Rings adaptations, the Star Wars EU, and YA sci-fi and fantasy!

The Podcast

Episode 304 This week, Jeff and Rebecca talk a major change to Amazon's pricing policy, an obvious but nonetheless interesting comment from George RR Martin, a library robot, the power and responsibility of tech platforms, and much more.

When In Romance

Episode 29 Jess and Trisha discuss the Ripped Bodice’s annual report on the state of racial diversity in romance, talk through some of the romance sales issues brought to light by a high-profile plagiarism event, and recommend books that sit all along the emotional spectrum.


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